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The VariSoft™ infusion set is easy to insert, has a discreet, low profile, and convenient at-site disconnection. It allows users to choose their most comfortable insertion angle (20°-45°), so it's preferred by patients who are lean and active. Tubing length options include 23, 32, or 43 inches. The cannula length options are 13 or 17 millimeters.

  • Variable angle soft cannula (13 or 17 mm)
  • Manual insertion
  • Small window shows insertion point
  • Slim packaging
  • Large adhesive pad for more security
  • Audible connection and disconnection
  • Available in clear


Jill Johanson


I love the VariSoft infusion set for my stomach, where I have old scar tissue, because it pushes past that tissue and gives me new real estate for great absorption. I also know it’s very unlikely it will kink since I manually insert my cannula.   – Jill Johanson, Territory Manager




Need help inserting your infusion set?

Learn about the best practices for selecting a site location for your infusion set, guidance on site rotation, improving infusion set adhesion with tape or other solutions, and cleaning the site using protective barrier wipes.  Learn More



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