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The AutoSoft™ 90 infusion set is an all-in-one straight-set infusion system. The flexible 90-degree soft cannula comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach areas. Tubing length options include 23 or 43 inches. The cannula length options are 6 or 9 millimeters.

  • 90° soft cannula (6 or 9 mm length)
  • Automatic insertion
  • Reversible connector for quick reconnection
  • Transparent window at insertion point
  • Built-in needle cover
  • One-handed insertion
  • Available in blue, pink, and gray


Jess Torres


I use the AutoSoft 90 set because it makes life with diabetes a little more convenient since the infusion set, tubing, and inserter are all built into one compact device. I also like being able to choose a color which adds more personalization.   – Jessica Torres, Regional Clinical Manager




Need help inserting your infusion set?

Learn about the best practices for selecting a site location for your infusion set, guidance on site rotation, improving infusion set adhesion with tape or other solutions, and cleaning the site using protective barrier wipes.  Learn More



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AutoSoft XC

90-degree soft cannula



AutoSoft 30

30-degree soft cannula




Variable angle soft cannula




90-degree stainless steel needle



What is the difference between AutoSoft 90 and AutoSoft XC?

You’ll find the AutoSoft 90 infusion set to be strikingly similar to the AutoSoft XC infusion set, with the two main differences being the AutoSoft 90 has a larger grip size and two small ridges at the end of the base (see image below). Otherwise, other infusion set features remain the same (see table for more details).

Features AutoSoft XC AutoSoft 90
6mm or 9mm Cannula 
27 Gauge Needle
90° Insertion Angle
23mm or 43mm Tubing
Automatic Inserter
Large Grip Size
Small Base Ridges


AutoSoft 90

Small Base Ridges

AutoSoft 90 Base


AutoSoft XC

No Base Ridges

AutoSoft XC Base


AutoSoft 90

Large Grip Size

AutoSoft90 Grip


AutoSoft XC

Small Grip Size

AutoSoftXC Grip