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Software UpdatesPumps that get updated, not outdated

Software Updates

Update the software on your insulin pump without having to purchase a new device.

Diabetes technology evolves at a rapid pace. Remote software updates* during the four-year warranty of a Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pump allow pump users the opportunity to add new features, when available.

Tandem Mobi System

How it Works

Tandem Mobi System

Once you complete all preliminary steps via the Tandem Source platform, you will update the software on your pump from the Tandem Mobi mobile app.

Insulin Pump

How it Works

t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

Once you complete all preliminary steps, you will connect your insulin pump to a compatible computer and launch the Tandem Device Updater application.

Available Updates

See what software versions are currently available and the new features included in each. You can also learn about any potential requirements.

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Update Your Pump

If software updates are available for your pump, login to your Tandem Source account. You will need to confirm eligibility and complete any required training before starting the update.

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