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Mobile AppsAn advanced way to manage your diabetes

Mobile App

Give yourself the freedom to more easily manage your diabetes with Tandem Diabetes Care mobile apps.


Freedom to Deliver

When you pair a Tandem mobile app to your Tandem insulin pump, you have the freedom to bolus from your compatible smartphone* without touching your pump.


Freedom to See Clearly

Conveniently view your pump data, including basal and bolus events, insulin on board, carbs, current settings, and both pump and sensor status directly on your smartphone.


Freedom to be in the Know

Wirelessly upload your pump and therapy data to the cloud-based Tandem Source platform and allow your authorized healthcare provider(s) easy online access.

t:connect Mobile App Screens
Tandem Mobi Actions App Screen

Full iPhone Control with the Tandem Mobi System

Tandem Mobi is the small, automated insulin delivery system that’s controlled with a compatible, personal iPhone, offering next-level comfort, convenience, and discretion. This is innovative diabetes management.

Meet Mobi

Mobile App Features

The features available within the Tandem mobile apps are dependent on the version of your Tandem Mobi or t:slim X2 insulin pump, along with the model and operating system of your smartphone. See which app features are compatible with your device.

App Features

Tandem Mobi Mobile App

for Tandem Mobi Pump

t:connect Mobile App

for t:slim X2 Pump

Bolus From Your Smart­phoneCheckmarkCheckmark
View Pump DataCheckmarkCheckmark
Receive Alerts & Alarms§CheckmarkCheckmark
Wirelessly Upload Pump DataCheckmarkCheckmark
Stop & Resume Insulin DeliveryCheckmarkPartial Checkmark

Only from
Pump Screen

Enable Temp Basal RatesCheckmark
Manage Personal ProfilesCheckmark
Manage CGM Sensor IntegrationCheckmark
Program Sleep SchedulesCheckmark
Enable Exercise ActivityCheckmark
Extended Bolus DeliveryCheckmark

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Whether you're ready to get a Tandem insulin pump, or looking to check insurance coverage, you’ll find everything you need here.