Available Software Updates

Software Updates

Click on the available software updates to learn more about eligibility, what features are included, and how to start the update process.*

Control-IQ Technology

Version 7.8

This software update allows you to choose what continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor you integrate with your pump: FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus, Dexcom G7, or Dexcom G6.

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Basal-IQ Technology

Version 6.6

Allows you to bolus from your smartphone, see bolus delivery icons on the CGM trend graph, choose new fill cannula options, and set up a resume insulin alarm.

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Updates for Other Devices

Software updates are not available for the t:slim, t:slim G4, or t:flex insulin pumps. If you are interested in these new software versions, please contact us to discuss switching to the t:slim X2 insulin pump.

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How do I find the software version on my pump?

Unlock the pump screen, tap Options, My Pump, and then Pump Info to see the software version.