This all-in-one set has a 30-degree angled cannula and automatic inserter

Checkmark13 mm flexible soft cannula

Checkmark30-degree insertion angle

Checkmark23 or 43 inches of tubing

CheckmarkAutomatic insertion device

CheckmarkQuick reversible connector

CheckmarkLarge grip for easy disconnection

CheckmarkLarge adhesive for extra security

CheckmarkWindow to see insertion point

VideoWatch this video to learn about the best practices for cleaning the location of and improving adhesion for your infusion set.

AutoSoft 30 Infusion Set

Having lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years, I like that I can view the actual insertion site with the AutoSoft 30 infusion set. I also have more placement options, since it sits more superficially just under my skin and is less apt to kink with movement.

Erica Page, Clinical Sciences Manager at Tandem Diabetes Care

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Additional Options

We offer a variety of choices to meet the unique needs of our pump users. Learn more about our other infusion sets and see which one is right for you.

VariSoft and AutoSoft 90 Infusion Sets

AutoSoft 90

An infusion set with a flexible, 90-degree cannula and automatic inserter.

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AutoSoft XC

An infusion set with a 90‑degree cannula and large grip for easy disconnection.

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A set with a customizable insertion angle and two choices in cannula length.

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An infusion set with a 90‑degree steel needle and extra adhesive.

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