Tandem Mobi system versus quarter

Tandem Mobi receives FDA clearance!

The world’s smallest, durable automated insulin delivery system.1

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Impressively Small

The Tandem Mobi system is so small that it can be worn almost anywhere, giving you greater discretion, comfort, and options for how you manage your diabetes.

  • Wear it on-body with a lightweight adhesive sleeve (sold separately)
  • Clip it discreetly to your clothes
  • Slip it into the coin pocket of your jeans (yes, it's that small!)

iPhone Control

Life calls, the Tandem Mobi system answers. It’s the small, automated insulin delivery system that's controllable with a compatible, personal iPhone,* offering next-level comfort, convenience, and discretion. This is innovative diabetes management.

Control-IQ Technology

Tandem Mobi is powered by Control-IQ — the same advanced hybrid closed-loop technology that makes the t:slim X2 insulin pump the #1 rated automated insulin delivery system.2

Additional Features

5-inch Tubing Option

Wireless Charging

200-Unit Cartridge

Remote Software Updates

Water-Resistant (IP28)


LED Status Indicator

Limited Time Offer, Switch for $199

Tandem Choice Program

Get a t:slim X2 insulin pump between now and December 31, 2023, and you may be eligible to switch to the new Tandem Mobi system for a one-time payment of just $199 when it becomes available. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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When will Tandem Mobi be available?

A limited release of the Tandem Mobi system is expected to start in late 2023, with full commercial availability expected in 2024.

If you purchase a t:slim X2 insulin pump between July 1 and December 31, 2023, you can switch to the Tandem Mobi system for a one-time payment of just $199. Check out the Tandem Choice Program for more information.

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