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Tandem Mobi System Move in ways you never thought possible

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Time in Range

Average time in range for real-world users of Control-IQ technology after 12 months.1

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Predictive Technology

Little Pump, Lots of Control

Predicts and Helps Prevent Highs & Lows

Tandem Mobi is powered by Control‑IQ technology, which can help keep blood sugars in range by using CGM* values to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and automatically adjust insulin delivery, including automatic correction boluses.

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iPhone Control

Tandem Mobi is the only automated insulin delivery system fully controllable via a mobile app.

Wearability Like Never Before

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The pump is so small that it can be worn almost anywhere,§ giving you greater discretion, comfort, and options for how you manage your diabetes.

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Life is Better with Options

CGM Sensors

The Tandem Mobi system integrates with Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7 sensors.

Infusion Sets

The system is compatible with all Tandem infusion sets, so you can choose the length, angle, and material that best fits your lifestyle.

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Additional Features

Inductive Charging

Holds 200 units of Insulin

Water-Resistant (IP28)^

Remote Software Updates

Diabetes technology evolves at a rapid pace. Tandem insulin pumps are capable of remote feature updates allowing you to keep your pump up-to-date with the latest technology.**
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Reporting Made Simple

The Tandem Source platform was created to give you access to all things Tandem Diabetes Care in one convenient platform. See all of your therapy data and easily reorder supplies for your pump.
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Which Tandem insulin pump is right for you?

Tandem Diabetes Care is the #1 recommended insulin pump brand by people living with diabetes — four years and counting!2 Choose which Tandem automated insulin delivery system best fits your lifestyle.

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