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The world’s smallest, durable automated insulin delivery system.1

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Impressively Small

Wearability Like Never Before

Tandem Mobi can be worn almost anywhere, giving you greater discretion, comfort, and options for how you manage your diabetes.

  • Wear it on-body with an adhesive sleeve (sold separately)
  • Clip it discreetly to your clothes
  • Slip it into the coin pocket of your jeans (yes, it's that small)

Life is Better With Options

Make diabetes management fit your lifestyle:

  • Compatible with all of our infusion sets, including a new 5-inch tubing option designed to be worn with the adhesive sleeve
  • Compatible with Dexcom G6 CGM sensor (Dexcom G7 expected Quarter 2, 2024)*
  • Easily disconnect for showering, sports, or other activities. Reconnecting is a snap.

Predicts and Helps Prevent Highs and Lows

Automated Insulin Delivery

Control-IQ technology makes diabetes management easier by using values from a compatible CGM sensor to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and automatically adjust insulin, if needed.

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Flexible Pump Control

The Pump button at the base of Tandem Mobi allows you to deliver a quick bolus, while the LED status indicator allows you to visually confirm your system status without needing your smartphone.

Pump Button on Tandem Mobi

Additional Features

iPhone Controlled

Wireless Charging

200-Unit Cartridge

Remote Software Updates

Water-Resistant (IP28)§

Alerts & Alarms

Notifications for Alerts & Alarms

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