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Our Insulin Pumps

Designed to Help Improve Time in Range

The Tandem Mobi system and t:slim X2 insulin pump are powered by Control-IQ technology, which adjusts insulin delivery to help prevent highs and lows while still allowing you to manually bolus for meals. Choose the pump that best fits your lifestyle!

Tandem Mobi and t:slim X2 insulin pump

Time in Range

Average time in range for real-world users of Control‑IQ technology after 12 months.1

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Overnight in Range

Average time in range from 4 am to 7 am for real-world users while on Control-IQ technology.1

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A Connected System

Intuitive by Design

More than any single product, our focus is on developing a holistic experience to empower those living with diabetes. Our insulin pumps seamlessly connect to an integrated system to more easily manage your diabetes and confidently live your life.

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Mobile App with Bolus Delivery
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Infusion Set

Infusion Sets

Our pumps are compatible with different infusion sets, so you can choose the length, angle, and material that best fits your lifestyle.

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Mobile App

Innovative Tools

Our mobile apps and cloud-based applications are designed to help you see therapy data and better manage your diabetes.

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Software Updates

Software Updates

Diabetes technology evolves at a rapid pace. Our pumps are capable of remote software updates to the latest technology.*

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Mobile App

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Test drive the easy-to-use interfaces of either Tandem Mobi or t:slim X2 automated insulin delivery systems, with no obligation.

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