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#1 Recommended insulin pump brand by people living with diabetes

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At Tandem Diabetes Care, we create new possibilities for diabetes management through the most advanced automated insulin delivery systems.

Proven System, Color Touchscreen

t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

Sleek and modern, the t:slim X2 pump has an easy-to-use color touchscreen and is powered by Control-IQ technology, the #1 rated automated insulin delivery system.1

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Impressively Small, iPhone Control

Tandem Mobi System

The world’s smallest, durable automated insulin delivery system2 offers greater discretion and wearability. It’s powered by Control-IQ technology and controllable with a compatible iPhone.*

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Limited Time Offer, Switch for $199

Tandem Choice Program

Get a t:slim X2 insulin pump between now and December 31, 2023, and you may be eligible to switch to the new Tandem Mobi system for a one-time payment of just $199 when it becomes available. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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Our insulin pumps are positively impacting people’s lives

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Intro to Pump Therapy

An insulin pump, like a healthy pancreas, delivers one type of insulin. You can use personalized settings on your insulin pump to deliver insulin continuously (basal) or in larger doses for meals (bolus).

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Pump Satisfaction

Users have consistently rated Tandem insulin pumps with the highest pump satisfaction scores.3


Expert Training

We offer personal pump training to new customers so they can quickly learn our easy-to-use products.

Insulin Pump

Limited Warranty

We’re there for you! We can replace your insulin pump to minimize any disruption to your insulin therapy.

Infusion Set

Infusion Sets

Choose from a variety of cannula materials, tubing lengths, and insertion angles to fit your needs.

Software Updates

Software Updates

Technology evolves at a rapid pace. That’s why our insulin pumps are capable of remote feature updates.

Mobile App

Innovative Tools

Our mobile and cloud-based applications are designed to help you better manage your diabetes.

Get a t:slim X2 pump today, switch to Tandem Mobi later

Purchase a t:slim X2 pump before December 31, 2023, and you can switch to Tandem Mobi for just $199 when it becomes available.