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Infusion SetsInsulin Infusion Sets to Meet Your Unique Needs

Infusion Set

An infusion set is a complete tubing system, changed every 2-3 days, which delivers insulin from the insulin pump to your body.



Insulin flows from the insulin pump through thin, flexible tubing that is available in a variety of lengths.


Infusion Set Site

A very small, steel needle or soft tube (cannula) is inserted under the skin and secured with an adhesive patch. Insulin is delivered subcutaneously through this infusion site.

Tandem Infusion Sets

VideoWatch this introductory video to learn about the different types of infusion sets.

Choose Your Set

Finding the right infusion set is an important part of successful insulin pump therapy. Choose from different insertion angles and a variety of a tubing lengths. Your choice will depend on your height, site location, daily activities, and other preferences.

AutoSoft 90

An infusion set with a flexible, 90-degree cannula and automatic inserter.

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AutoSoft XC

An infusion set with a 90‑degree cannula and large grip for easy disconnection.

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AutoSoft 30

An infusion set with a flexible, 30-degree cannula and automatic inserter.

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A set with a customizable insertion angle and two choices in cannula length.

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An infusion set with a 90‑degree steel needle and extra adhesive.

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Switching from another brand?

Even though infusion sets are labeled under different brand names, many are produced by the same manufacturing company. Here is a list of infusion sets and the identical Tandem equivalent.

Current Infusion SetTandem Equivalent
Animas Inset IAutoSoft XC
Animas Inset 30AutoSoft 30
Animas Comfort ShortVariSoft
Animas Contact DetachTruSteel
Medtronic MiniMed MioAutoSoft 90
Medtronic MiniMed Mio 30AutoSoft 30
Medtronic MiniMed SilhouetteVariSoft
Medtronic MiniMed Sure-TTruSteel
Mide, diagnosed 2012

Helpful Videos

Learn how to insert our infusion sets, get tips for improving infusion set adhesion, or learn how to load new cartridges.