Infusion Sets

We offer a variety of choices to meet the unique needs of our pump users.


How Infusion Sets Work

An infusion set consists of a complete tubing system that delivers insulin from your Tandem Diabetes Care® insulin pump. Your healthcare provider or insulin pump trainer will work with you to show you how to insert your infusion set and discuss how to change it out every 2-3 days.

t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Infusion Set


Infusion Site

The location on your body where you insert a very tiny, soft tube (cannula) or steel needle and secure it with an adhesive patch.



Insulin flows through thin, flexible tubing (variety of lengths available).



The t:lock™ connector  connects and locks the tubing to your pump.



Which set is right for you?

Infusion set tubing is available in a variety of lengths, typically 23, 32, and 43 inches. The length you choose will depend on factors related to your height, location of pump, daily activities and other preferences. Our infusion sets also come with a choice of cannulas: 90-degree soft, angled soft, or 90-degree steel.

Watch this video to learn about the different types of infusion sets as well as basic precautions and considerations. Your healthcare provider or pump trainer will help you determine which set is right for you.




Our Infusion Sets

Finding the right infusion set is an important part of successful insulin pump therapy which is why Tandem offers so many choices.


AutoSoft 30 Infusion Set

30-degree soft cannula


VariSoft™ Infusion Set

Variable angle soft cannula


TruSteel™ Infusion Set

90-degree stainless steel needle


AutoSoft 90 Infusion Set

90-degree soft cannula


AutoSoft™ XC Infusion Set

90-degree soft cannula


Peter, Ransom, and their Infusion Sets


Switching from another insulin pump brand?

Tandem infusion sets are made by Unomedical, the same company that manufactures infusion sets sold by other insulin pump companies. In most cases, even though products are labeled under different names, they are identical infusion sets. Here is a list of commonly used infusion sets and the equivalent Tandem brand names. Note that identical sets often have different reservoir connectors and are not compatible across pump manufacturers.

Current Infusion Set (made by Unomedical) Tandem Equivalent
Animas Inset I AutoSoft XC
Animas Inset 30 AutoSoft 30
Animas comfort and comfort short VariSoft
Animas contact detach TruSteel
Medtronic MiniMed Mio AutoSoft 90
Medtronic MiniMed Mio 30 AutoSoft 30
Medtronic MiniMed Silhouette (manual insertion) VariSoft
Medtronic MiniMed Sure-T TruSteel



Other Infusion Set Videos

Need help? Check out our video playlist. Learn how to insert our infusion sets, get tips for improving infusion set adhesion, or learn how to load new cartridges on your Tandem pump. These videos are a supplement to the instructions included with your set. Please refer to those instructions for all warnings and precautions.