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t:slim X2 Insulin PumpIt’s not just an insulin pump. It’s a life-changer.


Kids want a say when it comes to choosing how to manage their diabetes. We’ve made that choice easier for them and their parents.

The t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control‑IQ technology helps keep diabetes under control, offering more freedom for kids and greater peace of mind for their parents. Here are a few things to know about Control-IQ technology.

Exercise Activity on Pump
Infusion Set

Flexibility to Disconnect

It’s easy to temporarily disconnect the t:slim X2 pump from an infusion set for showering or sports. Using data from a compatible continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor,* kids can quickly see where they’re trending, and reconnect their pump in a snap.


A Predictive Algorithm

Control-IQ technology predicts glucose levels 30 minutes in advance and automates insulin dosing. It’s been shown to increase time in range, as measured by CGM, which means more time to just be a kid, and greater peace of mind for parents.

Control-IQ Sleep

Rest Easier

The t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology can turn insulin delivery on and off as often as every five minutes. This helps reduce the need to wake up at night to check numbers and correct a low, helping improve everyone’s nights and mornings.

Personal Profiles

Customize Profiles

Programmable profiles, as well as optional settings for Sleep Activities and Exercise Activities, let kids be kids. Plus, the t:slim X2 insulin pump fits easily into a small pocket or pouch to keep up with kids on the move.

Bolus Delivery

Comfort of Control

Managing diabetes can feel like your brain is working overtime. Relax knowing that our insulin delivery system includes automatic correction boluses when needed, to help kids better control their diabetes.


Technology You’re Used To

Our easy-to-use system feels a bit like a smartphone, with a color touchscreen and software updates. The t:simulator app is a free, virtual pump demo that lets you test drive the touchscreen and pump interface.

2.6 Hours

More Time in Range

Average additional time in range per day for clinical study participants who used Control-IQ technology.1


More Sleep

Overnight sensor time in range for clinical study participants aged 6-13 while using Control-IQ technology.2

Don’t take our word for it!

Hear from kids and parents who have experienced the life‑changing benefits of Control‑IQ technology.

Tessa, diagnosed 2018

Additional Powerful Features


Goodbye Fingersticks

No more fingersticks are needed for calibration or mealtime dosing when integrated with CGM.§


Security PIN

Protects kids from unintentional interactions on the t:slim X2 insulin pump.


Bolus Calculator

Enter carb values and let the pump do the math.

t:simulator App


Download Today

Free Virtual Pump Demo

The t:simulator app lets you test drive the easy-to-use touchscreen interface of the t:slim X2 insulin pump and its predictive technologies using your smartphone.