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Software & AppsA con­nected system to help manage diabetes


Our cloud-based and mobile applications are designed to help deliver new possibilities to people living with diabetes

This leads to developing the right products and care experience to make the management of diabetes easier for everyone involved.

Insulin Pump and Mobile App

Reporting Made Easier

Get connected to an advanced way to monitor your diabetes with the t:connect web application. Easily view data from your Tandem insulin pump enabling you to generate reports that help you uncover meaningful insights and trends.

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Freedom to Deliver

The t:connect mobile app frees you to bolus from your smartphone* and stay informed of your diabetes management without touching your t:slim X2 pump. That increased flexibility means you can choose to wear your pump in more places.

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Remote Software Updates

The t:slim X2 insulin pump is the first FDA‐cleared insulin pump capable of remote software updates. Using a personal computer, you can keep your pump up to date with the latest technology during your pump’s warranty period.

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Free Virtual Demo

The t:simulator app lets you test drive the easy-to-use touchscreen interface of the t:slim X2 insulin pump and its predictive technologies using your smartphone.

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Sugarmate App

Maximize your continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data with the Sugarmate app. It’s built with a range of tools that can streamline your diabetes management.

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Data Partners

We recognize the importance of having access to your diabetes data in a variety of formats and have made data from our pumps available on the following partner platforms.

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