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Software & Apps


We are dedicated to making the lives of people with diabetes better and better, through relentless innovation. That’s why we offer the following innovative digital tools, created using the same user-focused process we use to design our insulin pumps.


t:connect Mobile App

The t:connect® mobile app serves as a discreet secondary display for your t:slim X2™ insulin pump, so you can stay informed of your diabetes management from the convenience of your phone.*

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t:connect Web Application

Get connected to an advanced way to monitor your diabetes with the t:connect web application. Easily view data from your Tandem insulin pump enabling you to generate reports that help you uncover meaningful insights and trends.

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Sugarmate Technology

Sugarmate App

Maximize your continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data with the Sugarmate™ app. Built for smart devices across multiple platforms, the app technology uses CGM to create a wide range of visualization tools that can streamline your diabetes management.

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Remote Software Updates

Tandem Device Updater

Get updated, not outdated with our Tandem Device Updater. Our remote software updates provide eligible t:slim X2 insulin pump users access to future features without having to purchase new device hardware.

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t:simulator Application

A free virtual pump demo

The t:simulator™ app lets you test drive the easy to use touchscreen interface of the t:slim X2™ insulin pump and its predictive technologies using your smartphone or tablet.

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Data Partners

We recognize the importance of having access to your diabetes data in a variety of formats in order to help make the best decisions. We have partnered with Tidepool and diasend to make our pumps’ data available on their platforms, and are always evaluating other tools.


* The information on the t:connect mobile app display may not be identical to the current status of your pump. Wireless uploads from the t:connect mobile app to the cloud-based t:connect web application require a compatible phone and an internet or wireless data connection. Uploads to the t:connect web application do not take place in real time and should not be relied upon by healthcare providers or caregivers for remote patient monitoring. Standard carrier data rates may apply.
† Additional feature updates are not currently available for the t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology and are subject to regulatory approvals. Future updates for some or all of Tandem's products may not be developed and may not be offered everywhere. Software updates are only available to customers who are in warranty at the time they update their pump, and may require a prescription and additional training. Charges may apply. Tandem may discontinue select software and features over time at its discretion.