Innovative digital tools

Software + Apps

We offer a unique range of desktop software and mobile apps, created using the same user-focused process we use to design our insulin pumps.

t:connect® Diabetes Management Application

The perfect companion for Tandem pumps, our t:connect® Diabetes Management Application is the fast, easy way to display, analyze, and save your diabetes data.

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t:simulator™ App

We created the first free digital pump demo to make it easy to experience the simple touchscreen interface of a Tandem insulin pump on your smartphone or tablet.

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Tandem Device Updater

The Tandem Device Updater is a Mac® and PC-compatible tool for the remote update of Tandem insulin pump software. This tool allows us to provide in-warranty customers access to new and enhanced features faster than the industry has been able to in the past, and separate from the typical multi-year warranty cycle.1

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Data Partners

We recognize the importance of having access to your diabetes data in a variety of formats in order to help make the best decisions. We have partnered with Tidepool and diasend® to make our pumps’ data available on their platforms, and are always evaluating other up-and-coming tools.

1Additional feature updates are not currently available for t:slim Pumps purchased after April 2015, the t:slim X2 Pump with Dexcom G5 CGM integration, t:slim G4 Pumps, or t:flex Pumps. Future updates for all or some of these products may not be developed, and would be subject to future FDA approvals. Charges may apply.