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The Tandem Source platform was created to give you easy access to all things Tandem Diabetes Care. When you need insights, go to the Source.

Software Updates

Software Updates

Tandem Source is your location to update the software* on your Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pump. Be sure to check out the easy-to-use dashboard on the platform.

Convenient Supply Ordering

Easily order infusion sets and cartridges for your insulin pump, and get near real-time order information and tracking, when ordering through Tandem Diabetes Care.

Web-Based Uploader

Upload your data wirelessly with the t:connect mobile app or through the web-based uploader and work with your healthcare provider to spot trends and make adjustments.

Three Easy Reports

Having all of your therapy data in one convenient platform can help with successful diabetes management. No more switching between dashboards and websites.



Provides an overview of the therapy data from your insulin pump.


Daily Timeline

Shows glucose readings, basal insulin delivery, and boluses over time.

Tandem Source Dashboard

Pump Settings

Displays the pump settings, including Personal Profiles and predictive technology.

Mobile App

Give yourself the freedom to more easily manage your diabetes with the t:connect mobile app

Use the t:connect mobile app to wirelessly upload your t:slim X2 pump and therapy data to the cloud-based Tandem Source platform and allow your authorized healthcare providers easy online access at their convenience.

What's next?

Whether you're ready to get a Tandem insulin pump, or looking to check insurance coverage, you’ll find everything you need here.


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