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We have an extensive library of educational and self-help materials to help you get the most out of your Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pump.

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Learn which continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) issues are specific to the sensor or the insulin pump, and which company to contact.

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Tandem Diabetes Care offers a variety of ways to get the help you need with your insulin pump, on your schedule, including 24/7 technical support.

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If you are already using Tandem products and need assistance, please call our Technical Support Team at (877) 801-6901. For other inquiries, please complete our form below.


Who to Contact for CGM Support

/ ! \ Incompatible Sensor?  Tandem insulin pumps are only compatible with specific CGM sensors. Review a breakdown of what sensors are currently compatible with your pump.

Customer Support

We put as much effort into standing behind our products as we do into designing them. Based in the United States, our No. 1-rated customer support team is staffed by highly trained, enthusiastic representatives.1

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6 am to 5 pm (local time)

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