Tandem Mobi System

Software Updates

Over the coming weeks, Tandem Mobi users will receive an email letting them know that this software update is available.

Software Version 7.7

What's New

This software update allows you to choose which continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)* sensor to integrate with your Tandem Mobi system.

Dexcom G7 Icon

Dexcom G7

This software version of Tandem Mobi is compatible with specific versions of the Dexcom G7 sensor.

Dexcom G6 Icon

Dexcom G6

This software version of Tandem Mobi is compatible with all versions of the Dexcom G6 sensor.

Before You Update


You must complete the required online training in your Tandem Source platform account before you can initiate the pump software update.


Choose a convenient time when you have supplies on hand and can stop all insulin delivery. You will need to disconnect your infusion set during the update and load a cartridge to resume insulin delivery.

Tandem Mobi System Software Update Status

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