Prepare for Training

I’m Already a Tandem User

Congrats on your new pump. We’re so glad you’re staying in the Tandem Diabetes Care Family. Make sure to log in to your Tandem account and complete any trainings so you’re up to date on any new features. Also, below you’ll find support resources to get you up and running.


You Need to Access New Software Training

  • Complete assigned tutorials
  • Learn about new features that may be available for your pump
Access Now

You need to Update Your Account

  • Log in to your account
  • Share reports with your clinic
  • Download mobile app
  • Link your mobile app to your pump
Follow Instructions

You will learn Transfer Your Settings

  • How to transfer your pump settings
  • How to set up your t:connect mobile app

Download Worksheet

View Training Module

Don't Forget To Turn on Control-IQ technology and set a Sleep Schedule for optimal use

Program Activities Flyer

Turn on Control‑IQ Technology

Learn How

Program Activities Flyer

Set Up a Sleep Schedule

Learn How


You need to Set up CGM

Get started with your CGM therapy, if you are transitioning to a new sensor, before pump training to help you feel more confident with your new technology.

Dexcom G6

Set up

Dexcom G7

Set up

FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus

Set up

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App / Tandem Source

Dexcom G6

Dexcom G7

You need to Check out these helpful support materials

Top of t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

Tech Tip How to Turn Off Your Pump

Once you have your new insulin pump up and running, power down your old pump for storage. This video will show you how.


Here are additional resources to support you after training

Pump Training Training Materials

We’ve got all the materials you need right here. Check back whenever you need a refresher.

Keep Training

Pump Training Continuing Education

Here you’ll find more information about ongoing classes and the supportive Tandem Diabetes Care community.

Keep Learning