NEW t:lock™ Connector


We are in the process of a gradual rollout of our new t:lock™ Connector for Tandem pump cartridges and infusion sets. See below for more information on the new connector and what customers should expect during the transition.


About the new t:lock Connector

The t:lock™ Connector was designed based on direct customer feedback related to the process of filling infusion sets with insulin. The new design reduces the time required to fill infusion sets by 30 seconds and lowers the amount of insulin used in the fill process by 4.4 units. The design itself looks, feels and functions in a very similar way to the original Luer-lock connector.

Comparison of t:lock™ and Luer-lock Connectors






Information for current Tandem customers:

No action is required at this time. Details will be handled during your next supply order. We will provide Luer-lock versions of infusion sets and cartridges that are compatible with supplies you currently have on hand before transitioning you to the t:lock Connector cartridges and infusion sets (while supplies last). Following the switch, only t:lock Connector infusion sets will work with the new t:lock Connector cartridges. t:lock infusion sets and cartridges will have the same insurance coverage as current supplies.

Find your set.

The name of the infusion set may have changed, but the set is the same. Tandem Diabetes Care infusion sets are made by Unomedical, the company that manufactures the majority of the infusion sets sold by major insulin pump manufacturers. In most cases the sets are identical and just labeled under a specific company’s brand. Below is a list of common sets and the equivalent t:lock brand name.

Current Infusion Set (made by Unomedical) Brand Name Equivalent
Tandem t:90® AutoSoft™ 90
Tandem t:30™ AutoSoft 30
Tandem comfort™ and comfort short VariSoft™
Tandem contact™ detach TruSteel™
Animas® Inset™ AutoSoft XC
Animas Inset II AutoSoft 90
Animas Inset 30™ AutoSoft 30
Animas comfort and comfort short VariSoft
Animas contact detach TruSteel
Medtronic® MiniMed® Mio® AutoSoft 90
Medtronic MiniMed Silhouette (manual insertion) VariSoft
Medtronic MiniMed Sure-T® TruSteel

The following sets do not have an exact t:lock equivalent. The t:lock set that most closely matches these options are listed instead.


Other Infusion Sets Recommended t:lock Set
Medtronic MiniMed Quick-set® AutoSoft 90
Medtronic MiniMed Silhouette® with inserter AutoSoft 30
Roche® Accu-Chek® Ultraflex AutoSoft 90
Roche Accu-Chek Rapid-D TruSteel
Smiths Medical® Cleo® 90 AutoSoft 90


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the t:lock supplies cost more?
No, the price and insurance coverage for the new t:lock infusion sets and cartridges will remain the same.

Do I need a new prescription for the t:lock supplies?
In most cases, a new prescription is not required. However, customers using pharmacy benefits may require a new prescription.

I have a bunch of Luer-lock supplies on hand (infusion sets and/or cartridges).  Will I be able to use the rest of them before switching to t:lock?
Next time you order supplies, we will work with you to provide Luer lock supplies to help you use your current inventory of infusion sets and cartridges before switching you over to t:lock sets and cartridges.

Can I use my Luer-lock supplies with the new t:lock supplies?
No. The new t:lock infusion sets are only compatible with new t:lock cartridges. We will ship both of these products to you at the same time.

What infusion sets does Tandem Diabetes Care offer?
Tandem infusion sets were chosen for their best-in-class user experience, providing a variety of cannula lengths, adhesive materials, insertion angles, and insertion techniques. More information about infusion sets can be found at


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