Set up a t:connect Account

What is t:connect? It’s your connection to the t:connect mobile app and t:connect web application. The web application is where you can upload and manage your data. The mobile app is where you’ll go to bolus from your smartphone.*

Please note: It’s important to use the same email address for all accounts, including the t:connect mobile app, t:connect web application, and customer portal.

Also, connect with your healthcare provider on how to share your data. Your provider will need access to your data so they can help adjust settings after you get started.


(877) 801-6901

Contact Tandem Diabetes Care Customer Tech Support if you need assistance creating your t:connect account. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You will learn Pairing t:connect Mobile App with Your Pump

  • Enable pump-Bluetooth® connection
  • Pair the mobile app with your pump
  • Wirelessly upload data
Begin Pairing
Bluetooth Settings on t:slim X2 pump

You will learn Set up to Bolus from Your Smartphone

Make sure to closely follow all steps:

  • Disable automatic updates (can impact your ability to use the mobile bolus feature)
  • Allow notifications from the mobile app
  • Set proper security settings
  • Prevent the loss of this feature
Set up Smartphone

You will learn t:connect Web Application Getting Started Guide

If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, you can still create a t:connect account using the t:connect web application:

  • Install uploader software
  • Link your pump to your account
View Getting Started Guide
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