t:flex® Insulin Pump

The t:flex Pump is no longer available. Over the years the majority of our customers have chosen our t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump, and as a result, demand for the 480-unit t:flex Insulin Pump has not been enough to support its continued development. Rest assured, however, that we will continue to fully support t:flex Insulin Pump users for the entire length of their warranties.



Time for a new pump?

We are confident that those who are interested in the t:flex Insulin Pump will love our advanced t:slim X2 Insulin Pump.

Benefits of the t:slim X2 Pump include:

  • The ability to predict and help prevent lows
  • A 300-unit insulin reservoir
  • Zero fingersticks* required when using an integrated Dexcom G6® continuous glucose monitor.1
  • A color touchscreen that’s easy to use for seasoned and first-time pump users alike
  • Remote software updates2

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Continued Support for t:flex Pump Users

Current t:flex Insulin Pump user? Rest assured, we will continue to provide t:flex cartridges, compatible infusion sets, and our top-rated, 24/7 customer support for the life of your warranty.

Support Resources

t:flex User Guide

24/7 Customer Support

(877) 801-6901




*If glucose alerts and CGM readings do not match symptoms or expectations, use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions.
1. Dexcom G6 CGM sold separately. Transmitter can only be paired with one medical device (either a Dexcom receiver or t:slim X2 Pump) and one consumer device (phone or tablet) at the same time.
2. Additional feature updates are not currently available for the t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ Technology and are subject to future FDA approvals. A prescription and additional training may be required to access certain future software updates. Charges may apply.

Indications for Use:
The t:flex Insulin Pump is indicated for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin, at set and variable rates, for the management of diabetes mellitus in persons requiring insulin, for individuals 12 years of age and greater.

Important Safety Information