Our teammates* trust us to help manage their type 1 diabetes (T1D), and we’re honored to help them on their journey.

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews, the Pro Bowl tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, is one of the most dynamic playmakers in professional football. Learn more about his T1D journey.

Meet Mark

Laura Dunn

Laura is a fierce mama, an ultramarathon runner, and a tech executive. She has been living with T1D for 34 years — she, her husband, and son all live with type 1 diabetes.

Meet Laura

Blake Ferguson

As one of the best long snappers in professional football, Blake’s fan base extends well beyond the field. He feels being on Team Tandem is a positively different experience.

Meet Blake

Antoine Gibson

Professional saxophonist Antoine travels around the world, performing on the largest stages. He also advocates for people living with diabetes along the way!

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Mary Mouser

Mary currently stars in a hit TV series. When not training for karate to kick the competition, Mary loves visiting her happiest place on earth and meeting her Tandem teammates.

Meet Mary

Chad Muma

Professional football player Chad Muma was selected in the third round of the 2022 professional football draft. Watch how Chad never let diabetes slow him down.

Meet Chad

Ryan Reed

Professional race car driver Ryan Reed relies on his t:slim X2 insulin pump on and off the track. Learn how he's thankful for the technology that makes his life a little easier.

Meet Ryan

Adam Duvall

Professional baseball player Adam was diagnosed with T1D when he was in the minors, but it never stopped him from living big-league dreams. See why he trusts Tandem.

Meet Adam
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Connect with your teammates through events and activities while offering important insights about your experience.

* Tandem Diabetes Care has compensation agreements with Mark Andrews, Laura Dunn, Blake Ferguson, Antoine Gibson, Mary Mouser, Chad Muma, Ryan Reed, and Adam Duvall. † Team Tandem is open to Tandem pump users who are at least 18 years old or parents and guardians of Tandem pump users.

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