Chad, diagnosed 2011

Chad Muma Playing Pro Football with Type 1 Diabetes

About Chad

Chad Muma's story offers a unique and inspiring perspective on the athlete’s journey. Chad played college football at Wyoming and was a third-team All-American in 2021. He was selected in the third round of the 2022 professional football draft. Despite stereotypes and setbacks after being diagnosed, Chad never wavered from wanting to play football at the highest level. Watch how he redefines what it means to chase your dreams.

Watch the Chad Muma Story

Chad loves being an advocate for others living with type 1 diabetes. He also shared he wouldn't be where he is today without his t:slim X2 insulin pump. Watch Chad share his experiences in “The Chad Muma Story.”

The Mindset of a Draft Prospect

“Even though you have diabetes you can still go do what you want to do. It’s pushing me even more just to know that I’m this close.”

The #1 rated insulin pump1 for #48

“I agree that it's really number one for a reason. It gives you that peace of mind when you're using Tandem equipment.”

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1. dQ&A US Patient Panel Q3 2023 (July-Sept. 2023).


Control-IQ Technology On and Off the Field

“I go throughout my daily life and it allows me to maintain my blood sugar and maintain my goals because I don’t have to deal with diabetes as much.”

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A Message from Mark to Chad

Before they faced each other on the gridiron, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, Mark Andrews, had a special congratulatory message for his Team Tandem teammate, Chad Muma.

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