Laura, diagnosed 1989

Teammate SpotlightLaura Dunn

Mother, Tech Director, Ultrarunner

Runner Shoe

Living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for more than 35 years hasn't stopped Laura Dunn* from achieving her goals and living the life she wants.

During runs, after runs, pre-ankle surgery, post-ankle surgery, Laura is thankful for the Tandem tech that’s by her side through every step. Watch now.

NOTE: Individual symptoms, circumstances, and results may vary.

* Tandem Diabetes Care has a compensation agreement with Laura Dunn.


It helps keep me focused and in the moment.

Laura Dunn

T1D is a Family Affair

Laura's husband and son also live with T1D. Whether she’s helping with youth sports, helping to manage their diabetes, or taking some time for herself to run an ultramarathon, Laura relies on her t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology.

Control-IQ Technology

Laura runs on Control-IQ advanced hybrid
closed-loop technology. This makes managing her diabetes easier by predicting and helping to prevent highs and lows to help increase time in range. It even has specific activity settings for sleep and exercise.
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