See How Easy Control Can Be


Don’t take our word about how easy control can be. Instead, listen to four people who have experienced the physical and emotional benefits of the t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology.


Control-IQ technology on the t:slim X2 pump does more than help reduce Lindsey's anxiety about managing her diabetes, it also helps keep her in range during exercise.


Initially skeptical about using an automated insulin delivery system on her pump, Caitlin explains how Control-IQ technology helped her stop micromanaging her diabetes.


When traveling, Sally doesn’t always know what or when she’ll be able to eat next. See how Control-IQ technology helps keep her blood sugar steady when she’s on the road.


Leslie sleeps better at night because Control-IQ technology keeps his blood sugar in range, working like a set of guardrails on a cliffside road to help keep him out of danger.

Ready to see how easy control can be?

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