Flexible Payment Plan

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Giving you the opportunity to pay today or tomorrow with a monthly payment option

Technology you depend on at a price you can afford

Our flexible payment plan provides you with an additional assurance that you are choosing a partner who understands your unique needs.

How it Works


Minimum $50 down payment*


Monthly payments are as low as $50 per month*


Spread your payments over time — up to 48 months

Get Access To Innovative Diabetes Management

Insulin Pump

Step 1

Order a new t:slim X2 insulin pump and confirm payment terms

Step 2

Tandem Diabetes Care will ship the new t:slim X2 insulin pump

Step 3

Make monthly payments and enjoy all the benefits of being a Tandem pump user

Who can participate?


Any potential pump user who purchases their pump directly through Tandem Diabetes Care

Note: For anyone fulfilling pump orders with distributor partners, please inquire about payment plans directly with the distributor.

Who cannot participate?

Not Available

Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or any other federal or state health programs (such as medical assistance programs)

Not Available

Members of health plans or insurance contracts that prohibit this program

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What's next?

Whether you're ready to get a Tandem insulin pump, or looking to check insurance coverage, you’ll find everything you need here.