Our Values

Tandem Diabetes Care holds itself to the highest values of integrity, professionalism, and courtesy. We don't just say these words, we live by them so that we can create a positively different experience.


People First

Caring for the people who use our pumps is our top priority. We are fiercely loyal to them and the entire diabetes community. This starts with developing a deep understanding of their daily experiences, triumphs, and challenges. When making business decisions, we always ask ourselves and our partners, “how will this impact the people who count on us?”.


Innovate Every Day

We rely on new ideas, and people who keep their minds open to how to make them happen, to deliver products and experiences that can change lives. When faced with a revolutionary concept or simply a better way, in any role, we try to say yes (or at least maybe) before we say no.


No Shortcuts

Making things more efficient and cost-effective is great! Taking shortcuts is not. People’s lives depend on us. Our partners trust us. So we hold ourselves to the highest integrity and ethical standards and deliver exceptional quality in everything we do. We do what it takes to get it right, and we’re proud of it.


Team Up

How we work as a team is as important as what we deliver. Transparency, honest communication, and partnering to solve problems are critical to our success. We bring people along to ensure we’re all on the same path and create the space to respectfully challenge ideas.


Stay Awesome

We value and embrace every person at Tandem Diabetes Care — their unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Here you can do great work and be yourself, flip flops and all. Through universal respect and genuine care, we trust one another to do what’s best for all of us.


Life at Tandem

Though we take our work extremely seriously, we remain true to our casual, uplifting, and innovative roots.

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