There’s more than one way to deliver insulin. This page will help you understand the different ways for delivering basal and bolus insulin.


You will learn Insulin Delivery Settings

Program Personal Profiles (menu name for insulin delivery settings).

This will take approximately

4 minutes

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You will learn Extend a Bolus

How to select and activate the feature.

This will take approximately

2 minutes

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You will learn Quick Bolus

Choose between carb ratio or insulin units.

This will take approximately

1 minute


You will learn Unique Bolus Calculator

How to add multiple carb values.

This will take approximately

1 minute


Great job!
Now on to the last few items.


You will learn Stop or Resume Insulin

How to change the “Resume Pump Alarm” setting.

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You will learn Deliver a Bolus

The name says it all
(By the way, you’re doing great!)

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You will learn Set a Temp Basal Rate

Control-IQ technology must be turned off to use this feature

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You will learn Guide to Successful Pumping

(Almost) everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pump therapy

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