Off to College with the College Diabetes Network

Moving away from home to attend college can be an overwhelming experience for students with diabetes, as well as their families. College Diabetes Network (CDN) shows that it's important for everyone involved in this transition—students, parents and health care providers—to be prepared and on the same page.

CDN’s Off to College Program provides resources for everyone involved, from printed booklets for students and their families, to informational toolkits for health clinics and diabetes organizations to host local Off to College events. With 71 percent of students currently reporting difficulty managing diabetes in college, this program is an important step forward in addressing this staggering unmet need.

Pooling the expertise of CDN students, their clinical advisory committee and partners to develop these materials, CDN has created a ‘Gold Standard’ of information and support for young people with diabetes going through this life transition—helping to simplify the transition to college.

We’re thrilled to join CDN as a national partner to help expand the program and transform the off-to-college experience for college students. These resources are available at no cost to any family in the United States going through this transition. Resources can be requested via THIS FORM for both electronic download and hard copy booklets.


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