Dave Nguyen and Jason Guzon on Software Engineering

We're growing our software team! Tandem engineers take an innovative, user-centric approach to the design and development of products for people with diabetes, and we are looking for people who are passionate about making the lives of people with diabetes better. Before you look further into careers at Tandem, we thought you'd like to hear from some members of our team. Manager of Software Engineering Dave Nguyen and Software Engineer Jason Guzon share their experiences in this department. 

Q: What are your favorite things about your job?

Dave: When I started working at Tandem in 2009, I wanted to work on something meaningful, while developing cutting-edge technologies and learning from smart people. Working at Tandem has fulfilled all of those goals and allowed me to grow as a person and an engineer. Being able to innovate and change the landscape of insulin pump therapy fulfills my creative needs. I also really enjoy getting customer feedback and hearing about how Tandem’s products incorporate into their daily lives.

Jason: I love writing software, and at Tandem I get to write code that helps make people’s lives easier.

Jason Guzon, Software Engineer

Q: What are some of the challenges of your position that you enjoy most?

Dave: Being at Tandem allows me to work on hard problems with a small and dynamic team. Everyone has more responsibility, but also more freedom.

Jason: Designing new features, learning new technologies, and exploring software behavior are some of the challenges that push me to learn and grow as a programmer. Tandem has also provided the opportunities for me to improve myself in many other areas including writing, interviewing, and product management.

How does Tandem’s focus on the customer impact your job?

Dave: Because we focus on the customer here at Tandem, it allows the R&D department to really develop the best products possible. We don’t cut corners and we always listen to what the customers have to say to improve their experience the best we can.

Jason: It impacts our design, implementation, and feature improvements. I love knowing that software I helped create is out in the world currently making someone’s life easier, and I know that what ends up in the customer’s hands is my best work and based on their feedback.

Dave Nguyen, Manager, Software Engineering

Q: What sets Tandem apart from other companies?

Tandem’s culture is incomparable. The work/life balance is amazing, and my work attire consists of shorts and t-shirts. Not much has changed culturally, since I started at Tandem back in 2009 during its startup days. Working on software in the R&D department at Tandem allows you to learn a lot of really cool things. Since we are using the latest technologies to try and solve problems in different ways, everyone here is constantly learning and growing. 

Jason: When I interviewed at Tandem, I was fresh out of college, but when I stepped into the building, I knew that I needed to work here. From my research, I knew that Tandem created top-of-the-line, high-quality products, and from the remote-control helicopters, mini foosball table, and random objects hanging from the ceiling, I could tell that these engineers knew how to have fun. The the t:slim® Insulin Pump broke ground in innovation with its touchscreen, easy-to-use interface, rechargeable battery, small size, and sleek design. Our second-generation pump, the t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump with Dexcom G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) integration and capability to get software updates remotely, provides a pipeline of opportunities for engineers to learn and to shine.

If you thrive in a casual environment that inspires collaboration and innovation apply today!

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