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Tandem Launches New Inclusion Community

At Tandem, we promote diversity and work-life balance through Inclusion Communities (otherwise known as Employee Resource Groups).  As part of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives at Tandem, Inclusion Communities provide a welcoming and supportive environment where employees can meet, encourage each other, and grow where they feel the most comfortable. 

Tandem is excited to announce a new Inclusion Community coming soon, Black Employees at Tandem (BET). Meet the three founders of BET and hear what brought them together to help Tandem employees love where they work even more. 

Tell us about your role at Tandem and with BET.

Alisa Barnhill (Communications Specialist I):
I always say I have a fun job at Tandem since we get to work with many departments and on a variety of projects … I helped co-found BET, and right now, we are working on establishing the group by finalizing our documents, budgets, and different activities throughout the year. Our big focus in the next few months is preparing for launch week.

Brianne Calabrese (Specialist 1, Supply Sales Inbound): 
My department is responsible for placing orders for the Tandem Family — we do everything from taking the calls to running insurance verifications, so our users can get their supplies in a timely manner. We are a very busy department. Interacting with the Tandem Family daily is fun because you just never know who you will end up talking to.

Ezra Fairbanks (Specialist 2, Appeals):
I help prospective pumpers secure insurance coverage when insurance denies coverage. I am currently helping to build a strong foundation for Black Employees at Tandem (BET) with Alisa and Brianne. Right now, that includes setting up roles and responsibilities and thinking about what we want to achieve with this group in the long term.

What led you to create this group?

Alisa: Last year I participated in our Black History Month Amplify event, and I was inspired to create a community that I felt was needed and would interest other employees. I spent a lot of time talking to our DEI manager at the time and when it came time to submit the idea of creating a Black employees Inclusion Community, I took the chance and did it. After that, it was coming to life, and I’m so happy it’s finally happening.

Brianne: I have always wanted to be part of a group like this. I believe it's important to have representation in the workplace, people who look like me in management positions, and educating those who seek to know about our cultures and environments.

Ezra: I was a founding member of the DEI Council at Tandem. After all of the great work the Council has done the last few years, and in light of the success of all the other Inclusion Communities at Tandem over the last year, we felt it was finally time to make this long overdue Inclusion Community come to life.

What impact do you hope to see with this inclusion community?

Alisa: I am excited to see how we can help with the DEI efforts at Tandem. I want this to be a safe space for not only our Black employees, but our allies as well. I think so much can come from this group, and I also can’t wait to work with other Inclusion Communities here at Tandem.

Brianne: Expanding the safe space for Black employees and allies is important — a place to share experiences and to learn and grow.

Ezra: I am excited to help the DEI efforts of this company reach an even larger scope than before and hope to support Black employees and allies in the corporate work environment. I am particularly excited to try to find ways to showcase Black artists and help facilitate education while creating connections between the people that make Tandem so great.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Alisa: I’m so grateful for all the support in bringing this community to life at Tandem. I can’t wait to see how this group evolves.

Brianne: This has been such a great learning experience. I have never been part of a DEI community before. Ezra and Alisa have been wonderful. The support for this group has been amazing as well, and I am excited to see where we go.

Ezra: I have felt nothing but support and appreciation from everyone while helping to bring this new group into existence, and I feel this is an example of the universal value of this group.

A big thank you to Alisa, Brianne, and Ezra for being so inspiring to the Tandem community and bringing their vision to life.

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