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Tandem Pumps + CGM Dexcom G7 Integration

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Integrating Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitoring* with Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pumps provides exceptional accuracy1 for optimized insulin delivery.


Choose Your Pump

Dexcom G7 is approved for use with either the Tandem Mobi system or t:slim X2 insulin pump.


Goodbye Fingersticks

For calibration or mealtime dosing, when our insulin pumps are paired with Dexcom G7 CGM.


Simple Auto-Applicator

A one-touch applicator easily inserts a small sensor with no visible needle.


Faster Sensor Startup

Spend more time in closed loop with shorter wait times between sessions.


10-Day Sensor Wear

Reduces the number of times that the sensor needs to be replaced.


Trusted Partners

More than 10 years of collaboration between Tandem and Dexcom.

Tandem Insulin Pumps with Dexcom G7 Sensor
t:slim X2 insulin pump
Predictive Technology

Control-IQ Technology

People who combine a CGM with automated insulin delivery have the best overall glucose control compared to multiple daily injections and standard pump therapy.2

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