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We searched for an insulin pump that was simple to use

By Kim Daniels

This post was updated on 7/5/2019 to reflect the extension of the Animas Pump Return program, extended to July 31, 2019.

My daughter Lily was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2013, a month prior to her third birthday. She started using an OneTouch Ping insulin pump from Animas about six months after her diagnosis. We switched to pumping because of the increased flexibility it would give us with her treatment, as well as to attain better blood sugar control.

Years later, we found ourselves switching pumps, and we were nervous about finding another pump that was as simple to use as the OneTouch Ping, which we had become accustomed to for four years. I was nervous about how switching pumps would affect her blood glucose control, which admittedly was not great prior to switching. 

Lily wearing a pink unicorn t-shirt

The main feature we were looking for in a new pump initially was ease of use. We heard about Tandem Diabetes Care from the diabetes educator at our endocrinology office and through the diabetes online community. We chose the t:slim X2™ insulin pump after meeting with the educator. During that meeting, we were extremely impressed with the touchscreen and the sleek look of it. We were excited to hear of a pump that was capable of software updates using a personal computer. We learned that the Tandem pump was integrated with a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and this was another selling point for us.

It didn’t take long for us to discover that the t:slim X2 pump is even more user-friendly than our Ping! Even the school nurses, who regularly take care of Lily, agreed that this pump was the easiest pump they had ever used. 

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that her numbers improved SIGNIFICANTLY, literally within days of being on the new pump. Within two months of switching, her A1c went from 8.5 to 7.8 (prior to that, we had never attained an A1c lower than 8.0). And within one year of switching, her A1c was down to an astounding 6.8. 

The biggest difference with this pump is the Micro-Delivery® technology, which Lily's body seems to respond better to. [The Bolus Delivery Increment on the OneTouch Ping/Animas Vibe is 0.1 and on the t:slim X2 pump it’s 0.05, and the Basal Delivery Increment on the OneTouch Ping/Animas Vibe is 0.025, and on the t:slim X2 pump, it’s 0.001 ]

We enjoy spending time outside, being active, getting together with other T1D friends, playing board games, swimming, creating YouTube videos (check out Lily's channel, T1D Rockstar), spending time with our family, and much more.

Lily and her mom showing her pump in front of a field.

The t:slim X2 pump fits into our lives so perfectly. It allows us so much more flexibility in her treatment.

Hands down, the Basal-IQ® technology is now our favorite feature!! We sleep a lot more soundly at night. We also use the extended boluses quite frequently, and I love that you can set the percentage of the bolus that you want right away and the amount of time you want the remainder of the bolus to be delivered. This pump is so easy for anyone to customize.

The biggest challenge that diabetes brings is the constant up and down from day to day. Knowing that we can do the same exact thing every day, yet we will likely end up with completely different results, makes diabetes far more stressful. And of course, we constantly worry about how diabetes will affect her long-term health. 

We are blessed to have so much support from her healthcare team (endocrinologist, CDE, PCP, etc.), friends and family who also live with this disease, an amazing online community, a local T1D Facebook group that myself and another local mom founded, and – not to mention – Tandem and Dexcom, both of which are a huge part of our success in allowing Lily to live a full, active, and healthy life. 

The best part is that she gets to be a kid just like any other kid. She can go to birthday parties and enjoy playing outside with her friends and have peace of mind of knowing that she has a reliable pump. 

Lily has grown and changed so much over the almost 6.5 years since her diagnosis. She is learning more and more every day about her diabetes and how to manage it, and I am confident that we are giving her the tools that she will need to continue to be successful in managing it independently as she gets older.

Lily and her family standing in front of a house

Attention Animas users! Animas is now offering eligible, in-warranty Animas customers $750 to return their pumps. Learn more about how you can use your rebate to offset the cost of a new t:slim X2™ insulin pump with Basal-IQ® technology through our Basal-IQ Technology Upgrade Program by visiting tandemdiabetes.com/animas Note: Offer expires July 31, 2019.

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