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Tandem is a Pawsitively Different Company — Find Out Why

Tandem Diabetes Care constantly strives to create a healthy and vibrant company culture — especially as the world continues to adapt to a new way of working.

As the first full-time Wellness Program Manager in the history of Tandem, April Greco is focused on creating a proactive approach to wellness and mental health support.

"Tandem has already taken another big step towards being a positively different company by creating this position within the Human Resources department to enhance the employee experience," April said. "We really want to make Tandem a destination workplace, where we want you here and you want to be here. It creates this very symbiotic relationship where you kind of feed off the work and the work feeds off you in a healthy and fulfilling way."

For example, many Tandem team members are currently working in a remote or hybrid environment that blends remote and in-office opportunities. One of the benefits to this arrangement is the ability to spend more time at home with those we love — including pets!

A Pawsitively Different Way of Working

The pandemic transformed home spaces to workplaces. These dynamics presented unique challenges. Yet they also afforded various benefits, such as the opportunity to have a new kind of "coworker" with four- (or even three-) legged friends at home.

"I have seven paws around here somewhere," April said. "I have two cats and one of them is a tripod, but it doesn't slow her down in the slightest." 

According to the National Institutes of Health, animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost mood. For those living with type 1 diabetes, alert dogs can also provide meaningful and valuable support.

"When things feel a little out of control, I personally find myself gravitating towards my pets, talking to them, petting them, or just taking a moment to take care of them," April said. "It gives me something else to focus on, and you have this little thing that just loves you and is there for you."

Animals created a sense of consistency for many employees as the world was constantly changing. Being able to pet or cuddle with an animal provided a level of physical support when social distancing parameters led to reduced physical closeness with other people. And, from a wellness perspective, interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure.

"Tandem is looking for opportunities to still offer flexible moments, where we can all be human and take care of the things we have to, whether that's doctor's appointments for ourselves, or kids, or vet appointments for pets," April added.

The company is actively seeking solutions, resources, and accessibility for team members — especially when the context and the way in which we work has changed.

"In my short time here, I've seen a lot of communication between teams and people's willingness to share open feedback," April noted. "It shows there's a mutual trust between the organization and the employees."

We look forward to April's contributions at Tandem and the ways in which we can continue to cultivate a positively (and "pawsitively") different work-life balance.

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