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First Ever Remote Software Update for Insulin Pump using a PC

Last month we began rolling out our first-ever remote pump software update for t:slim Insulin Pumps purchased before April 2015 using the Tandem Device Updater! With the launch of this product, we are the first company to offer our customers the ability to add new features to their insulin pump from home using a personal computer.1

Innovation is software driven, if you have hardware with the flexibility to accommodate new advances. The combination of Tandem’s revolutionary touchscreen and the Tandem Device Updater provides the ability to move and change the functionality of buttons as well as change how information is displayed on your pump. This unique ability has the potential to allow the addition of future innovations and technologies to Tandem pumps using software updates downloaded at home from a personal computer.2 It’s also another way to stay eco-friendly, since our pumps stay up-to-date with the latest technology without creating any additional waste.

The first software release is the deployment of the latest t:slim® Insulin Pump software to t:slim Pumps purchased before April 2015. The updated software, based on customer and healthcare provider feedback, includes an expansion of the reverse correction functionality, the ability to enter a manual bolus directly in the suggested bolus window, off-pump cartridge filling, and other features designed to enhance convenience and flexibility.

Check out some of the feedback we’ve received from customers who successfully completed their first update:

“Just hook it up to your USB and follow the excellent prompts provided. No sweat.” – Glen G.

“It is immediate and seamless. It’s less time and hassle to update your pump online from your home than having to be off your pump for several days or spend money on a new pump.” – Gerald V.

“The process works. Trust it. I’m looking forward to continued enhancements.” – Dan L.

If you want to learn more about the Tandem Device Updater, click here for more information.

For Healthcare Providers: 
There’s nothing you need to do for your patients to take advantage of this update. Eligible Tandem customers will automatically receive an email from Tandem Diabetes Care containing personalized update instructions. Each of our customers who have the original t:slim Pump Software are eligible for this free update. The availability of future updates is dependent on FDA submissions and review timelines.  We will let you know as new features are approved by the FDA that may impact your patients.

1,2Software updates and new features not currently available are subject to future FDA approvals. Charges may apply.

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