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Danielle Karsten, Sr. Product Manager, Marketing

Honest and timely communication of important ideas, data and feedback are critical to success. Our open-door policy helps innovative ideas to flow, and keeps projects from getting too far down the wrong path. As Sr. Marketing Product Manager at Tandem, Danielle Karsten focuses on the strategy, roadmap and feature definition for our insulin pumps and pump accessories. She has over 15 years of marketing experience in both medical device and diagnostic industries. Here she reflects on attributes of communication that are valued and respected at Tandem.


What brought you to Tandem? What keeps you at Tandem?
The ability to make an impact in the lives of people with diabetes really appealed to me when I was looking for my next career opportunity. The people and the culture are what keep me here and looking forward to what’s next.  

What makes Tandem different from other companies you’ve worked for?
The passion and dedication of Tandem employees is something I have never experienced with any other company where I have worked. It truly makes me want to come to work in the morning.

What are some of the challenges of your position that you enjoy most?
The best thing about my role in marketing is that I get to do so many different things. I interact with every department in the organization, as well as with our external field team and outside vendors. A role in marketing is never routine. This makes my work exciting and challenging at the same time. Here, we are always learning new things.  

What advice would you give someone who’s looking to get into your line of work?
Be adaptable! I have loved my role in product management, but it comes with a need to be flexible depending on priorities. In a role like this, you are the CEO for a product and get to influence how it is designed and made, as well as how it is messaged and positioned to the market. You are responsible for overseeing everything in the product life-cycle from cradle to grave, and that is exciting!


How has the theme “Tell me what you really think” impacted your work at Tandem?

As a product manager we are ultimately accountable for a product’s success. It is necessary to be open and transparent so that correct decisions are made. It is refreshing to know that these attributes are valued and respected at Tandem.

Tandem has been named a “Best Place to Work.” What do you think makes Tandem a great place work?
Tandem’s commitment to improve the lives of people with diabetes is contagious. This company has smart and compassionate people that are all working to achieve the same goal. That is very amazing and truly unique.

In three words, how would you describe your journey with Tandem?
Rewarding, impactful, motivating.

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