Innovations in Progress

Innovations in Progress

The journey of every person living with diabetes is personal and unique

Diabetes management can vary greatly from person-to-person, creating multiple market segments based on clinical needs and personal preferences. Our goal is to address the individual needs of people with insulin-dependent diabetes and their care team flexibility and choice in intelligent insulin delivery systems, through an accessible portfolio of market-leading pumps, applications, and insights.


In support of this strategy, our portfolio of future technologies includes:

t:slim X3

Advancing our flagship t:slim platform, the t:slim X3 is planned to include enhanced technology, such as greater processing power and capacity to support our advanced algorithms, as well as increased battery life and improved durability.

Mobi: Tubeless

This offering is intended to provide an alternative tubeless infusion site option for Tandem Mobi pump users. It will allow a Tandem Mobi pump to be worn completely on the user’s body with no tubing. A goal of this design is to allow people living with diabetes to customize the way they wear their pump with each cartridge change, switching between tubed and tubeless wear configurations, to best suit their personal preferences and lifestyle.


The ergonomic, rechargeable Sigi Patch Pump is intended to reduce the burden of managing diabetes through its use of pre-filled insulin cartridges and compatibility with AID technology.

Extended Wear Infusion Sets

Infusion sets provide additional choice and flexibility to people living with diabetes. Our goals for infusion set innovations focus on solutions that extend wear time and enhance user experience, while reducing occlusions, body burden and waste. In support of this effort, unique extended wear infusion set technology is part of our future portfolio.

Control-IQ Advancements

We are continuing to drive innovation in our algorithms, emphasizing automation, personalization and simplification to continue to improve therapeutic outcomes and provide a positive patient experience. In 2023, we began a pivotal study to support expanding indications to include people living with type 2 diabetes. In late 2023, our Control-IQ technology was cleared with additional features for people with type 1 diabetes age 2 and older. We are also researching the use of different insulins with our Control-IQ technology.

Note: The information on this page discusses products that may not be approved by the FDA. This information is intended for people researching the company, and is updated in conjunction with public announcements about our product innovations. All dates and information are as of May 2, 2024. Tandem Diabetes Care undertakes no obligation to update or review any forward-looking information below based on new information, future events, or other factors.