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Our product pipeline supports our strategy of developing insulin delivery systems as part of a therapy management portfolio that is designed to improve patient experience and outcomes. Our product development efforts fall into three pillars of innovation, and include delivery devices, device software including algorithms, and data and insights.


Changing the face of insulin pump therapy

The information below discusses products that may not be approved by the FDA. This information is intended for people researching the company and is updated in conjunction with public announcements about our product pipeline. All dates and information below are as of December 6, 2021. Tandem undertakes no obligation to update or review any forward-looking information below based on new information, future events or other factors.*



tandem devices

Delivery Devices

We are developing a family of delivery device solutions to meet the varying needs of people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes by providing choice within our own portfolio.


Approximately half the size of our t:slim X2 pump, the Tandem Mobi is being designed for people who seek even greater discretion and flexibility with the use of their insulin pump. Its features include a 200-unit cartridge, an on-pump bolus button, inductive charging, an AID algorithm, and is waterproof. We anticipate that Mobi will be our first insulin pump to support full pump-control from our mobile application.

t:slim X3
Advancing our flagship t:slim platform, the t:slim X3 is being designed to provide a modernized user interface and even greater usability for our planned feature updates. It’s also being designed to include enhanced technology, such as greater processing power and capacity to support our advanced algorithms, as well as increased battery life, improved durability, and wireless software update capabilities.

Mobi: Tubeless
This offering is being developed to provide an alternative tubeless infusion site option for Mobi pump users. A goal of this design is to allow for people living with diabetes to customize the way they wear their pump with each cartridge change to best suit their personal preferences and lifestyle.

Our patch pump design is in its early stages and is being developed for the segment of the people living with diabetes who want a disposable tubeless solution. In its design, we are seeking to drive further miniaturization, potentially with concentrated insulins.



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Device Software

Our device software is used to control our pumps either directly through the pump’s interface or through our mobile application. It also includes our automated insulin delivery technology, and the software used to support remote pump updatability.


Control-IQ Advancements
We are driving innovation in our algorithms, emphasizing automation, personalization and simplification, all intended to continue to improve therapeutic outcomes and provide a positive patient experience characterized by simplicity and ease of use. Examples of our efforts to provide enhanced personalization include alternative targets, settings optimizations and enhanced exercise options. Examples of our efforts to provide greater ease of use include adaptations, smarter alerts and new signal integrations. In addition, we anticipate pursuing the initiation and design of clinical research to support potential expanded Control-IQ indications for people with type 1 ages 2 to 5 years old, as well as people living with type 2 diabetes. We are also researching the use of different insulins with our Control-IQ technology, including ultra-rapid insulins, concentrated insulins, and generic insulins.

Mobile Control
Our mobile app provides users with a convenient and discreet data display and alerts on their iOS and Android phones, and functions as a pipeline for getting pump data to the cloud. In the 4th quarter of 2020, we submitted a regulatory filing to the FDA for a mobile bolus delivery feature that will allow t:slim X2 users to control a bolus of insulin using our app. Subject to regulatory review and approval, in the future this app is also planned to include additional pump control features, such as full operation of our Mobi pump.

Building a robust ecosystem and portfolio around our flagship insulin pumps requires product development efforts to integrate, add and enhance complimentary system components.


Dexcom CGM: In November 2020, we entered into an agreement with Dexcom to extend our current collaboration to include integration with their future G7 CGM technology. Following integrated product development work, and required regulatory clearances or approvals, this will be the fourth generation of Dexcom CGM that we intend to integrate with our devices.

Abbott CGM: In June 2020, we announced an agreement with Abbott Laboratories (Abbott), to develop and commercialize integrated diabetes solutions that combine Abbott’s CGM technology with our insulin delivery systems. Following the completion of our integrated product development work, and after obtaining required regulatory clearances or approvals, we intend to focus our initial commercial activities on integrated products in the U.S. and Canada, with additional geographies considered in the future.




Data and Insights

Our goal is to innovate across our digital health platforms by using the vast amount of data that we collect, in combination with technology such as artificial intelligence or machine leaning, to provide information and insights to people living with diabetes their healthcare providers and to insurance payors. Key areas of development include making these insights easy to understand, provided in a flexible format with mobile or cloud apps, and available real time. In addition, we are working to support integration with other health-related information from third-party sources, and support for future products under development.


Tandem Source
Expanding the capabilities of our domestic t:connect data management application, Tandem Source is our second-generation web-based data management application that’s being designed for global use. This application provides added interface customizability and provides opportunities for customers to personalize how they engage with their data and for healthcare providers to manage their care. In the second quarter of 2021, we began limited testing of an initial version of Tandem Source, in the United Kingdom.