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The products under development support our strategy of developing insulin delivery systems as part of a therapy management portfolio designed to improve patient outcomes, and include automated insulin delivery system enhancements, a next-generation hardware platform, and connected (mobile) health offerings.


Changing the face of insulin pump therapy

The information below discusses products that may not be approved by the FDA. This information is intended for people researching the company, and is updated in conjunction with public announcements about our product pipeline. All dates and information below are as of November 5, 2020. Tandem undertakes no obligation to update or review any forward-looking information below based on new information, future events or other factors.



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Connected (Mobile) Health Offerings

In July of 2020 we began offering the first version of our t:connect mobile application that wirelessly uploads pump data to our cloud-based t:connect diabetes management application, receives notification of pump alerts and alarms, and provides a discrete, secondary display of glucose and insulin data. Future updates of our mobile application are subject to FDA review and approval and are planned to include mobile bolus delivery, additional pump control features, integrate other health-related information from third-party sources and support future capabilities for our products under development.



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t:sport Insulin Delivery System*

Our next-generation hardware platform is referred to under its development name, t:sport. Approximately half the size of our t:slim X2 pump, the t:sport pump is being designed for people who seek even greater discretion and flexibility with the use of their insulin pump. We anticipate that t:sport will feature a 200-unit cartridge, an on-pump bolus button, a rechargeable battery, an AID algorithm, and a Bluetooth radio. We anticipate that t:sport will be our first insulin pump to support full pump-control from our mobile application, subject to FDA review and approval.



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Next Generation Algorithms

We intend to further enhance our automated insulin delivery system and are considering alternative strategies to deliver new features and benefits to our customers on a regular basis. In addition to algorithm enhancements intended to improve clinical outcomes, we are also developing new features for greater personalization and refinements to the overall system usability.



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Future CGM Integration

In June 2020 we announced an agreement with Abbott to develop and commercialize integrated diabetes solutions that combine Abbott’s CGM technology with our insulin delivery systems to provide more options for people to manage their diabetes. Following the completion of our integrated product development work, and required regulatory clearances or approvals, we intend to focus our initial commercial activities for integrated products in the U.S. and Canada, with additional geographies considered in the future.

*Not FDA approved. Not available for sale in the US