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Account Creation

What is the difference between the t:connect Web Application and the t:connect Portal?

The t:connect® Portal ( is a secure website designed for you to request your prescription for pump software updates and complete required training. You can now also manage your devices and make payments through the t:connect Portal. You will continue to use the original t:connect Web Application ( to upload and view your insulin pump data.

Is there an age requirement to sign up on the t:connect Portal?

You must be 13 or older to create a new account through the t:connect Portal. If you are younger than 13 years old,your guardian must first create a guardian account through the t:connect Web Application before you can log in to the t:connect Portal. To do this, your guardian can go to the t:connect Web Application, click Get Started, plug in your pump to upload the pump’s data into the system, and complete the process of creating the guardian account. After the guardian account has been created, your guardian may log in to the t:connect Portal using the same email and password he or she used to create a t:connect Web Application guardian account.

The t:connect Portal is asking me to sign in using my t:connect Web Application credentials, but I do not have a t:connect Web Application account. What do I do?

We recommend first creating an account on the t:connect Web Application. You can also create a new account through the t:connect Portal as part of the software update request process, but please be aware that if you create your account through the t:connect Portal and then try logging in to the t:connect Web Application for the first time to upload your pump data, you may get a message that your account is not associated with a pump. If this happens, please contact us for assistance.

I already have a t:connect account, but I created a new account in the t:connect Portal using a different email address. Is this a problem?

If the email address you used is not one we have on file for you: An account will be created but it will not be associated with your insulin pump, and therefore will not show any updates available for you. You can log in to the t:connect Portal using the email address we used to notify you of the update availability.  

If the email address you used is already connected to your name in our system: You shouldn’t have any trouble. You will just need to remember to log in to the t:connect Portal and t:connect Web Application with the email you’ve associated with that account.



Prescription Process

Do Basal-IQ® and Control-IQ™ technologies require a prescription for people already on a Tandem t:slim X2™ insulin pump?
Yes, because both the Basal-IQ and Control-IQ technologies automate an aspect of insulin therapy and use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), these updates will require a prescription and online training. All new users of the Basal-IQ and Control-IQ technologies are required to complete training before receiving their unique Update ID Code, needed to update the pump software. This new training will be offered through the simple-to-use t:connect Portal.

I already have a prescription for the t:slim X2 insulin pump and Dexcom G6 CGM. Do I still need to get a prescription for Basal-IQ or Control-IQ technologies?

Yes, because both the Basal-IQ and Control-IQ technologies automate an aspect of insulin therapy and use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), these updates will require a prescription and online training. You will need to request an updated prescription through the t:connect Portal. Once we receive a signed prescription from your healthcare provider, you will be able to complete online training, which is required for you to receive the unique Update ID Code needed to update your pump software.

Can I request a prescription from my healthcare provider and have him or her contact Tandem?

To request a prescription, you should visit the t:connect Portal. Once you have confirmed your information in the t:connect Portal, we will reach out to your healthcare provider directly to coordinate your prescription.



Messages and Alerts

I confirmed my information in the t:connect Portal, but I don’t see any training tasks. What should I do?

The training task is dependent on receipt of a signed prescription from your healthcare provider. We will notify you via email once we have received the prescription so that you can begin your training. You can also check the status of your request at any time by visiting the t:connect Portal.

Please note – Initial pump training for new t:slim X2 pump users should be completed prior to doing any software updates.

I logged in to the t:connect Portal, but I see a message that says, “No activities are assigned to you at this time.” Why?

This message indicates that you have no new items that require your attention. However, if you received an email alerting you that a new software update is available for your pump, you can select “Update My Software” on the “My Devices” page to review available updates for which you are eligible.

I’m getting a MissingKey error message when I attempt to watch my assigned training modules. How can I resolve this?

This error means the web browser you are using is blocking cookies. In order to resolve this issue, you can do the following:

iPhone: select “Settings” then select “Safari” then turn off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and “Block All Cookies”

Chrome: while on the t:connect Portal, select the lock icon in the URL window, select “Cookies”, “Allow” all blocked cookies and then select “Done.”

Safari: in the upper left corner, select “Safari”, then select “Preferences.” Select the “Privacy” tab and uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking” and “Block all cookies.”

For all browsers: after completing above steps, you may need to also clear the browser’s cache.




I’d like to pay for my recent order on the t:connect Portal, but I want to update my default payment method. Can I change my credit card?

Absolutely. You can change your preferred method of payment when your order is ready for your review on the t:connect Portal. When reviewing the invoice for your order, you will have the option to select “Other.” You can also designate the new card as your default payment method going forward.

I want to pay for a recent order on the t:connect Portal and it’s asking for my CVV code. What is this and where do I find it?

The CVV Number ("Card Verification Value") on your credit card or debit card is a 3-digit number on VISA®, MasterCard®, and Discover® branded credit and debit cards. On your American Express® branded credit or debit card it is a 4-digit numeric code. The CVV code is typically located on the back of your credit or debit card and on the front of your American Express card.

I’m making a payment on the t:connect Portal and I’d like to update my shipping address. How do I do so?

Updates to your shipping address may impact the processing of your claim due to certain health plan restrictions. Please contact us for assistance.

I made a payment online for a recent supply order. I would like to submit a claim to my HSA. Can I print a receipt?

Yes. The t:connect Portal allows you to print a receipt at the time of your payment or from your completed activities on the t:connect Portal home page. If your completed payment activity is not visible on the home page, select “See All Completed” to locate the payment activity in question.



Device Management

I’m receiving an error message that says there are no active devices associated with my account. Why?

The t:connect Portal displays any insulin pumps currently associated with your account at Tandem Diabetes Care. If you are not currently in the process of receiving your initial Tandem insulin pump and you believe you received this message in error, please contact us.

I’m curious when the warranty on my Tandem insulin pump expires. Where can I find that information?

The t:connect Portal displays the warranty expiration date for any active Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pumps currently associated with your account within the “My Devices” page. When your pump warranty expires, you lose access to replacement pumps and software updates. Please contact us to learn more about the latest offerings from Tandem Diabetes Care.

The t:connect Portal indicates a pump is “Pending Return.” What does this mean?

A pump with a status of “Pending Return” indicates this pump is due to be returned to Tandem Diabetes Care and, according to our records, we have not yet received it at our San Diego location. If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your return, please contact us.



Software Updates

I haven’t started using the Dexcom G6 CGM. Can I begin the Basal-IQ or Control-IQ software update process even though I am still waiting to receive my new Dexcom G6 supplies?

You are welcome to begin the software update process by requesting a prescription. If you have Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM supplies that you would still like to use, wait until you are ready to switch to Dexcom G6 CGM to perform the update. Once you update your pump to the Basal-IQ or Control-IQ software, your pump will no longer be compatible with the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System.

I logged in to the t:connect Portal and I don’t see any software updates available. Why?

You can check for software updates for your Tandem insulin pump under the “My Devices” section of the t:connect Portal. In order to be eligible, you must reside in the United States, have a t:slim X2 insulin pump, complete your initial pump start training, and currently be in warranty with Tandem. If your pump is out of warranty and you would like to speak with someone to discuss renewing with Tandem, please contact us for assistance.

I started a software update process in the t:connect Portal, but decided I would like to switch to a different software update. How can I do so?

If you have not completed your training in the t:connect Portal, you can contact us for assistance. Please note: Once you have updated your pump to a new software, you will not be able to revert to the previous version of software.