Welcome 2020 interns - Working together, from a distance

Due to COVID-19, our summer intern program looks different than we all imagined. However, we're thrilled to offer the Tandem experience to our 2020 intern class.

Across the organization, in departments such as engineering, marketing, and software testing, our 22 interns will get hands-on experience in the medical device industry through our unique ecosystem of products for people with diabetes. And, they'll have some fun along the way.

We are so happy to see that they are as excited as we are and we are grateful that they are choosing to spend their summer with us!

I'm excited to announce that I started an internship with Tandem Diabetes Cares as a Systems Engineering Intern. Can't wait to be apart of a growing company that helps others, like myself, with Type 1 Diabetes. It's a great opportunity that will allow me to grow in both my knowledge and my career.

I am very excited to let you all know that I will be working as a Software Engineering Intern at Tandem Diabetes Care. A huge thank you to Jeffrey Luong and Allyson Chase for helping me along with the process and not giving up the interns for this summer.

I am incredibly excited to share that I have accepted a position as an intern at Tandem Diabetes Care. As Tandem is arguably one of the greatest innovators in the diabetes technology industry, I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to continue my endeavors surrounding the development of this space. Thank you to all who have volunteered their guidance and aid up to this point.

The pleasure is ours. Welcome to the Tandem family!

We'll share more about their intern journey in the weeks ahead.

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