The next evolution of Tandem is ‘Positively Different’

“Tandem Diabetes Care creates new possibilities for people living with diabetes, their loved ones, and the healthcare providers supporting them through a positively different experience.”

That's not a new mission statement or "we are" declaration. Our mission hasn’t changed, and our beliefs remain steadfast.

Tandem will always be dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes. And moving forward, we’re doing it by being “Positively Different.”

“We're making everything about Tandem Diabetes Care positively different," said Tandem President and Chief Executive Officer, John Sheridan. "That includes the overall experience for our users, how we partner with healthcare providers, and even the way we interact with one another at Tandem. It's up to us to provide people living with diabetes and their care team the technology they need, so that we may have a positively different impact on their lives."

Added Dr. Jordan Pinsker, Vice President and Medical Director at Tandem:
“By being positively different, we’re sending a message to healthcare providers that we aren’t just another medical device company,” said Dr. Pinsker. “We’re a trusted ally in the fight against diabetes, backed by cutting-edge technology and a passionate workforce that’s creating new possibilities through innovation.”

Because we work with people who are living with type 1 diabetes, our mission is personal. That connection helps fuel our passion and drives our commitment to serving the diabetes community.

We offer an integrated platform that brings together treatment and support with smart technology. Our connected care experience helps deliver better outcomes and empowers people living with diabetes and those who care for them.

To that end, we’ve also refreshed our look. The Tandem visual aesthetic is open, inviting, and honest.

“This refreshed look springboards Tandem into a future that is teeming with new possibilities,” said Greg Rolnick, Creative Director for Tandem Diabetes Care. “It’s bright, encouraging, and full of untapped potential.

“Meaningful introspection allows us to uncover new ideas that can push us forward. We know that the diabetes community has evolved during the last 10 years, and we're poised to help lead in the next decade and beyond. We think that comes from being positively different.”

We’re excited for you to join us on this journey. Connect with us on our social media channels and tell us how your experience with Tandem has been positively different.

Tandem Diabetes Care partnered with San Diego-based Bulldog Drummond (an Envoy company), an innovation and design agency, to help conceptualize, visualize, and verbalize what the positively different messaging means to the Tandem Family, healthcare providers, and the people who work at Tandem Diabetes Care.

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