Software update process for the t:slim X2 insulin pump

Software update process for the t:slim X2 insulin pump

The latest software for t:slim X2™ insulin pump users—Control-IQ™ advanced hybrid closed-loop technology—is now available!

Below are the steps in the process, and general guidelines for how long each can take. 


  1. Submit your request for your update at Sign into the t:connect portal using your existing t:connect web application account credentials. (You can create a t:connect account on the portal if you don’t already have one.) Once you’ve logged in, click on "My Devices" in the top navigation menu, select your preferred software update. Your submission will trigger an automated prescription request to your healthcare provider: < 1 day
  2. Your healthcare provider then signs and returns your prescription at their discretion: 2 – 14 days (depends on HCP availability)
  3. Once we receive, review and process the signed prescription, you will receive an email notice of your training: 1-7 days
  4. Following completion of your training, we will send you another email with your software update ID code and instructions on how to install your update on your pump: 1 day

At times of high interest, it may take us longer than usual to process prescriptions. Please refrain from calling Tandem to ask about the status of your prescription, in order to keep the phone lines open for customers who may be experiencing an interruption in insulin delivery.

You can always log into the t:connect portal to review your latest status.

If you have additional questions about the process, please check this page for more FAQs about software updates before calling us.



Thank you in advance for your understanding. We are working diligently to make sure everyone is responded to as soon as possible.


Important Safety Information: Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts the t:slim X2 insulin pump and Control-IQ technology to sale by or on the order of a physician. The t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ technology are intended for single patient use. The t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ technology are indicated for use with NovoLog or Humalog U-100 insulin. t:slim X2 insulin pump: The t:slim X2 insulin pump with interoperable technology is an alternate controller enabled (ACE) pump that is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin, at set and variable rates, for the management of diabetes mellitus in people requiring insulin. The pump is able to reliably and securely communicate with compatible, digitally connected devices, including automated insulin dosing software, to receive, execute, and confirm commands from these devices. The t:slim X2 pump is indicated for use in individuals 6 years of age and greater. Control-IQ technology: Control-IQ technology is intended for use with a compatible integrated continuous glucose monitor (iCGM, sold separately) and ACE pump to automatically increase, decrease, and suspend delivery of basal insulin based on iCGM readings and predicted glucose values. It can also deliver correction boluses when the glucose value is predicted to exceed a predefined threshold. Control-IQ technology is intended for the management of Type 1 diabetes mellitus in persons 14 years of age and greater.

WARNING: Control-IQ technology should not be used by anyone under the age of six years old. It should also not be used in patients who require less than 10 units of insulin per day or who weigh less than 55 pounds.

Control-IQ technology is not indicated for use in pregnant women, people on dialysis, or critically ill patients. Users of the t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ technology must: use the insulin pump, CGM, and all other system components in accordance with their respective instructions for use; test blood glucose levels as recommended by their healthcare provider; demonstrate adequate carb-counting skills; maintain sufficient diabetes self-care skills; see healthcare provider(s) regularly; and have adequate vision and/or hearing to recognize all functions of the pump, including alerts, alarms, and reminders. The t:slim X2 pump, transmitter, and sensor must be removed before MRI, CT, or diathermy treatment.

Visit for additional important safety information.

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