Janie and Leonard: A Control-IQ Technology Love Story

Leonard used to sit up at night to make sure she was breathing, Janie says of the pre-Tandem days.

Meet Janie and Leonard, an adorable Tennessee couple who enjoy low blood sugar picnics in the wee hours of the morning, positivity, and being beacons of encouragement to everyone they meet.

Janie, now 71, bubbles with Southern charm and contagious laughter despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 12 years ago. Today, she inspires others during ministering visits to women’s prisons. She also loves sharing the life-changing experience of using her t:slim X2™ insulin pump.

Finding blessings while switching insulin pumps

Janie was a nurse for 25 years and spent the tail end of that time living with diabetes herself. She saw the upside and blessing in her diagnosis.

"I was able to understand and sympathize with my patients who had diabetes." - Janie

But the downside was trying to control the challenging disease herself. Without much success on injections or another pump brand, Janie said the switch to the t:slim X2 pump was like “darkness to daylight."

Infusion sets, tubing, and finally enjoying sleep

“Smooth to understand” and “extremely easy to use” is how she sums up transitioning to Tandem. For connecting the device to the body, Tandem offers a diverse selection of infusion sets with either soft or steel cannulas and various tubing lengths — after trial and error she found the perfect set for her lifestyle of grooming and walking her four dogs, working in the yard and babysitting her granddaughter, who also loves learning about diabetes and insulin pumping!

"The switch to the t:slim X2 pump was like darkness to daylight." - Janie

Janie’s found that her pump is so easy to use, even her granddaughter understands how it works. She has been so inspired by her grandma Janie and the pump that she proudly sports a toy replica taped to her own belly.

The t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ® technology and its dedicated Sleep Activity — designed to help users target a narrower sensor glucose treatment range while sleeping, while still adjusting basal rates, suspending, when needed — has provided mental relief to both Janie and Leonard. “Leonard used to sit up at night to make sure I was breathing,” Janie says of the pre-Tandem days. Leonard agreed, “It means a great deal, and it’s very important to have that peace of mind.”

Recently, Janie was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, also known as bile duct cancer. The physical and emotional stress caused by a major health event like that, could wreak havoc on a diabetes management routine, but not for Janie. She shared how Control-IQ technology helped her despite the ordeal.

"It means a great deal, and it’s very important to have that peace of mind.” – Leonard, on Control-IQ technology using Sleep Activity

Evangelizing to others about living with diabetes

Today, Janie and Leonard look for opportunities to tell anyone about the life changing experience they’ve had with her pump. From randomly sparked conversations and health fairs, to the women at the prisons, Janie tells her story.

Tandem has changed the lovable couple’s lives so much that the idea of continuing mission work abroad has again crossed their minds. They had put the thought on pause after her diagnosis. The duo previously spent time in China, Kenya and a list of other places. But for now, they are enjoying life in Tennessee while educating even their own doctors about Tandem.

Janie leaves us with some words of advice in her sweet, charming Southern tone, “Get a Tandem — and watch what you eat.” Wise words from a 71-year-old who has defied age and diabetes all at the same time. Keep doing what you’re doing, Janie! We will follow your lead.


Responsible Use of Control-IQ Technology

Even with advanced systems such as the t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology, patients are still responsible for actively managing their diabetes. Control-IQ technology does not prevent all high and low blood glucose events. The system is designed to help reduce glucose variability, but it requires that patients accurately input information, such as meals and periods of sleep or exercise. Control-IQ technology will not function as intended unless all system components, including CGM, infusion sets and pump cartridges, are used as instructed. Importantly, the system cannot adjust insulin dosing if the pump is not receiving CGM readings. Since there are situations and emergencies that the system may not be capable of identifying or addressing, patients should always pay attention to their symptoms and treat accordingly.

Important Safety Information

RX ONLY. The t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ technology are intended for single patient use. The t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ technology are indicated for use with NovoLog or Humalog U-100 insulin.

t:slim X2 insulin pump: The t:slim X2 insulin pump with interoperable technology is an alternate controller enabled (ACE) pump that is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin, at set and variable rates, for the management of diabetes mellitus in people requiring insulin. The pump is able to reliably and securely communicate with compatible, digitally connected devices, including automated insulin dosing software, to receive, execute, and confirm commands from these devices. The t:slim X2 pump is indicated for use in individuals six years of age and greater. Control-IQ technology: Control-IQ technology is intended for use with a compatible integrated continuous glucose monitor (iCGM, sold separately) and ACE pump to automatically increase, decrease, and suspend delivery of basal insulin based on iCGM readings and predicted glucose values. It can also deliver correction boluses when the glucose value is predicted to exceed a predefined threshold. Control-IQ technology is intended for the management of Type 1 diabetes mellitus in persons six years of age and greater.

Control-IQ technology should not be used by anyone under the age of six years old. It should also not be used in patients who require less than 10 units of insulin per day or who weigh less than 55 pounds.

Control-IQ technology is not indicated for use in pregnant women, people on dialysis, or critically ill patients. Do not use Control-IQ technology if using hydroxyurea. Users of the t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ technology must: use the insulin pump, CGM, and all other system components in accordance with their respective instructions for use; test blood glucose levels as recommended by their healthcare provider; demonstrate adequate carb-counting skills; maintain sufficient diabetes self-care skills; see healthcare provider(s) regularly; and have adequate vision and/or hearing to recognize all functions of the pump, including alerts, alarms, and reminders. The t:slim X2 pump and the CGM transmitter and sensor must be removed before MRI, CT, or diathermy treatment. Visit www.tandemdiabetes.com/safetyinfo for additional important safety information.

About the Author

Karyn Wofford has lived with type 1 diabetes for 20 years. This diagnosis inspired her to initially become an EMT, then later a writer in the field of wellness and diabetes. This decision took her on a strange yet exciting road of travel journalism, focusing on ecofriendly tourism. She's learned to deal with diabetes while cross country skiing, hiking mountains and treading the coastal waters of Japan. But first and foremost, her passion lies in being a voice for diabetics everywhere. Karyn was compensated by Tandem Diabetes Care for her contribution on this topic. However, she created the content and it is based on her personal knowledge, experiences, and observations.

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