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Meet our Tandem family members who share their experiences of working at the beginning of COVID-19 and navigating these new waters with our t:slim X2 pump by their side.

What a year it’s been! Reflecting on when we entered these unprecedented times, it was extra special for us to see our customers in their elements. Early in this pandemic, we reached out to 10 different people to learn about their experiences at work and how their t:slim X2™ pump played a part. Now we’d like to share them all with you in one place. Thank you to our #COVIDiabetesHeroes for showing us that not all heroes wear capes!

Justin Bradshaw & family (FedEx Driver) and Emma Blasi (T1D: 9 years)

“We have a sign on our door for packages/mail, as our 11-year-old daughter Emma is a Type 1 diabetic. Our Federal Express delivery guy [Justin] wrote this on our delivery today: ‘I sanitized your box once I saw the note on your door’ - and you can tell that he used sanitizer wipes on the box. This is truly amazing and gives hope for our future!” – Carrie Blasi (aka Emma’s mom)

Vanessa Belani (T1D: 20 years, Hospice Nurse)

“My pump is always helpful, and I am loving Control-IQ® technology! Especially during these times when things are so crazy, it’s nice having something that makes diabetes more manageable (and I’m loving my estimated a1c! The best it’s EVER been!)” – Vanessa Belani

Steven Garr (T1D: 1 year, Police Officer)

“As a first responder, I answer many calls during my shift so it is very important for me to have good control and access to my t:slim X2 pump...Since the pandemic, it is especially important that I stay diligent in my personal hygiene. Because my t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology has the ability to suspend insulin and give correction boluses, there is a lot less unnecessary touching of buttons and possible contamination to sites and skin exposure—a crucial role in preventing illness and spreading of infections.

With my Tandem/Dexcom combo, my life is more manageable for what law enforcement requires of me—especially now with the pandemic. Thanks Tandem for all you’ve done for me. I haven’t missed a beat because of you. Stay safe & stay sweet, everyone!” – Steven Garr

Heather Schoenfeldt (right) (T1D: 4 years, Intensive Care Unit Nurse)

“To say it has been devastating, overwhelming, scary, and just downright hard wouldn’t even explain the half of it. When this all started, one of my biggest concerns was my diabetes... I was diagnosed at 22 years old and have been well controlled since, but staring this virus in the face every day brought a whole new meaning to achieving the best control possible... Having the t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology literally by my side during this crisis has been a lifesaver. I can be covered in protective gear at my patient’s bedside, in their sickest or most dire moments, without having to worry about a low blood sugar interrupting my ability to care for them. I may feel a total lack of control at times, or most of the time, but the one thing I can rely on is Control-IQ technology to help keep me safe. Thank you Tandem, with all my heart. YOU are my hero.” – Heather Schoenfeldt

Daniel Halliman (T1D: 10 years, Surgical Nursing Assistant)

“I assist with prepping patients, assist nurses during procedures, and help to make sure our operating rooms are properly maintained to provide a safe environment for both patients and staff. My pump has been a huge help during these times! I am constantly on the run and having the t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology means I don’t have to constantly worry about my blood sugar. Sometimes I miss meals at work, but my pump helps give me peace of mind. It has helped me keep a level head and allowed me to focus on my job.” – Daniel Halliman

Beth Barbolla (T1D: 14 years, Pediatric Nurse)

“I love being able to help care for my patients and be their cheerleader for reaching their goals! During my 12-hour night shifts, my t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology has been so helpful! I feel like I’m able to curb more highs and lows during my shift, which allows me to focus even more on helping my amazing kiddos heal.” – Beth Barbolla

Ashley Howell (T1D: 19 years, Registered Veterinary Technician)

“I assist veterinarians in cases that require emergency surgery or other critical interventions. I work the night shift, and I feel so much more comfortable managing my blood sugars with my t:slim X2 insulin pump. The Control-IQ technology feature on the pump helps me drastically reduce the number of overnight lows that I get. Our hospital has been busier than ever during these difficult times and having my insulin pump has helped me keep my blood sugars under control so I can focus on all of my pet patients.” – Ashley Howell

Shelby Payne (T1D: 15 years, Resident Physician)

“As a resident physician, I have been treating patients in the hospital with many different medical conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer. During this pandemic, I have been helping to treat patients both with and without COVID who have been admitted to the hospital. Having an insulin pump has given me flexibility to work long hours without planned breaks. It has also allowed me to set a lower temporary basal for prolonged periods where I am more active without eating. My pump allows me to easily bolus for snacks/meals whenever I am able to get a break to eat!” – Shelby Payne

Ashlyn Mills (T1D: 3 years, Physical Therapist Assistant)

“I am a physical therapist assistant working in the midst of this global pandemic. On May 1, I switched from another pump to the t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. With the high stress of what is going on in the world and the business of my job, my pump with Control-IQ technology has helped me to better manage my diabetes with less work on my part. I know every day when I go to work that I am risking potentially becoming sick from COVID, but it makes me feel better to know that my blood sugars are being kept in range which makes me healthier! Thank you for creating a device that has truly changed my life.” – Ashlyn Mills

We know there are many more out there who exemplify what it means to be a true #COVIDiabetesHero. We appreciate each and every one of you for all that you do! Sending all of our love and support! Please remember, your Tandem family is always here for you. 💙

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