Community Guidelines

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.® is a privately held company dedicated to advancing insulin pump technology through an innovative, user-centric, and integrated approach to product design, development, and customer care. At Tandem, our core values guide us in the way we interact with people inside and outside the company, how we develop and manufacture products, the way we transact business, and the integrity with which we pursue and fulfill our goal to improve the lives of people who live and work with diabetes. These values hold true in our social media networks and websites as well.


Foster a supportive and welcoming online community, provide quality content, and grow opportunities for Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. to engage within the diabetes online community by actively listening. 


These principles apply to the use of social media on behalf of Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. as well as personal use on Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. website(s).

Use good judgment – your statements could have an impact on you own and Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.’s reputation. Remember that what you post or publish may be public information indefinitely.

Be transparent – If you’re writing about Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. or our products, use your real name (not a pseudonym), and be clear about your role.

Stay true to the topics and issues that we discuss on our page – Posts or comments that are off-topic, make unsupported claims or accusations, contain misleading information, or qualify as spam, will be removed.

Be accurate, honest, and accountable for what you write and post – If you make a mistake, or someone questions a statement or claim you make, it’s your responsibility to investigate it. If appropriate, you should quickly correct any mistakes or provide any necessary clarifications. 

Respect others in your posts and discussions – Any posts or comments that may be considered defamatory, obscene, libelous, threatening, harassing or embarrassing to others will be deleted. If you find yourself in a situation that threatens to become antagonistic, refrain from becoming overly defensive and do not disengage from the conversation abruptly. Disengage from the dialogue in a polite manner and seek our advice at

Do not provide medical advice – Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. asks that you do not post information in a way that appears to be soliciting or providing professional medical advice. Our pages may contain general information about diabetes and the use of our products and we may share tips on healthy living, however we are not an official source for medical advice. We ask that if you’re experiencing any medical problems, that you consult a healthcare professional.

Do not post any personally identifiable information – Because any posts or comments on our website(s)  may become public, we ask that you do not post personal identifiable information such as: phone number, address, email, or date of birth.

Transfer customer service inquiries offline – We do receive customer technical support service inquiries through our websites, and we ask that you continue your question or issue offline for privacy purposes. If you are experiencing a customer service issue you can contact our 24/7 Tech Support at 1-877-801-6901 or by reaching out through our Contact Us form.

If you’re uncertain about whether to post or discuss something that is related to Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc., seek our advice at

Social media networks, blogs and other types of online content sometimes generate press and media attention. Please refer major media and press inquiries to our media contact: Steve Sabicer, (714) 907-6264,

Please visit for important safety information about our products.