Fashion Fix: Stay Cool This Summer


t:slim Pump user Ali Peters is a personal stylist based in New York City. Active in the fashion world for many years, Ali has worked in fashion research, writing, and trend reporting for big clothing companies and fashion publications. She was diagnosed with diabetes in 1994. In each t:news issue, Ali shares a tip for dressing well with your insulin pump.

Stay cool this summer with this Fashion Fix

Staying cool, a simple summertime concern, can be tough if you’re trying to conceal an insulin pump in your lightweight clothing items.

At the start of my first summer season with my t:slim Pump, I was concerned about my outfit options. Skirts and dresses can make it tough to find the right undergarments and provide fewer options for concealment of an insulin pump. Through trial and error, I figured out two easy ways to hide my insulin pump while wearing dresses and fitted skirts. (Gentlemen, these techniques will work for kilts too!)

#1: A waistband solution.

Since I normally hide my pump in my bra, I was at a loss for what to do with my pump without one. I searched for a waistband solution, but did not want a big bulge at my hip. Spanx foundation garments are designed to hold everything in place, so I gave a pair a try. It perfectly hid my pump in the small of my back – 100% with no extra movement! I now use my Spanx anytime I cannot wear a bra, am wearing a strapless one, or the pump is protruding from some other hiding spot.

#2. When wearing a skirt or dress.

I believe this is a really common one, but inspiration came to me when I saw some police officers on TV carrying guns while wearing pencil skirts. With the holster on their inner thigh, the gun (or insulin pump in our case) rests in the natural curve of the inside of the upper leg. I went to a lingerie shop and got a few different garters. I hooked my pump to the inside of my thigh and went about my business with the style of a secret agent.

Next time you are buying a dress or skirt (or kilt), remember you have options!

Note: To prevent unintentional interactions with the touchscreen, always position the pump screen away from the skin when worn under clothing.

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