Thanks to the rechargeable battery, Tandem users have kept over 1.5 million batteries out of landfills.1


Rechargeable batteries have a smaller environmental footprint thanks to their reusability. 

In the tech-saturated 21st Century, batteries have become a vital part of our everyday lives. Every year in the U.S. an estimated 3 billion disposable batteries are sold. The environmental impact of these batteries is massive.

Batteries use chemical reactions to store and produce energy. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals used in these reactions, like cadmium, mercury and lead, if improperly disposed of, can harm public health and the environment. Despite recycling programs around the country an estimated 2.9 billion of the 3 billion disposable batteries sold each year end up in landfills.

Rechargeable batteries have a much smaller environmental footprint thanks to their reusability. Not only do they last longer over time, but also thanks to trade in programs for the high-tech devices that use these batteries, the heavy metals find their way into landfills less often than their disposable counterparts.


As the only rechargeable insulin pumps currently on the market, Tandem Insulin Pumps have kept an estimated 1.5-1.6 million disposable batteries out of landfills since becoming available in 2012. We’re proud to do our small part to help reduce the number of disposable batteries going into our landfills.

Estimated as of 4/1/2017, assuming 20-day battery life of disposable batteries when used in other insulin pumps.

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