Tandem’s Notice of Privacy Practices

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. takes your privacy very seriously.  This Notice of Privacy Practices tells you how Tandem collects and uses information about you.   

Who We Are

Tandem is a medical device company dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes through relentless innovation and revolutionary customer experience. If you have any questions about this Notice, or how we collect and use your data, you can contact us at the address or phone number listed below in the how can you contact us about your information section.

Scope of this Notice

This Notice, along with the other Notices listed below, identifies the kinds of personal data we collect from you , when we collect it, how we use it, if and to whom we disclose it, and how we protect it. It also summarizes the rights you have regarding your personal data.
Depending on where you live, you may have additional privacy rights not explained in this notice. Accordingly, in addition to this Notice please review the following statute-specific Notices if they apply to you:

Our General Approach Regarding the Collection of Your Personal Data

We take the privacy of your personal data very seriously, and several laws and regulations require us to handle your data in very specific ways. The data privacy principles we follow are:
  • We will transparently explain how we collect, use, and disclose your data in clear, plain language.
  • We will collect, use, and disclose your data only for the purposes specified in this Notice, in the Notices listed in the scope of this notice section, and in accordance with any separately-obtained consent. You may request to withdraw your consent at any time.
  • We will use commercially reasonable measures to protect your data from loss, theft, and unauthorized access.
  • We will collect, use, and disclose your data in a fair, legal way.

What information do we collect from you, and Why?

Tandem collects your personal data through several different ways, which are explained below. Personal data does not include data that has been made anonymous, meaning it has been stripped of all information that could be used to identify you. In many cases, we collect your data from you directly, but in some instances, we may receive data about you from third parties.

  1. New patient information
    We collect the personal data you voluntarily provide us when you’re interested in a Tandem pump. For instance, we collect this data through our “Patient Information,” and “Health and Product Questionnaire” forms (both are available online, as a hardcopy, or can be completed via telephone with our staff). We also obtain this data from materials we receive to support insurance reimbursement. Tandem uses the personal data submitted through these methods to begin the process of getting you a new pump and to help you determine your health benefits/insurance coverage.
    The information collected includes, for example, your name and contact details, your insurance or other public health benefit information, and information about your health and medical diagnosis and treatment.

  2. t:connect applications for pump users
    We also collect your personal information if you sign up for an account through our t:connect family of applications, which includes our t:connect online application, our t:connect mobile application, and our online t:connect customer portal. We collect this data to provide you with a way to interact with, track, and save your pump data.
    The data collected in the t:connect applications includes your name, email address and password, security questions, date of birth, data obtained from your pump, blood glucose information, and any personal data you include in the notes field. This data is collected when you create your t:connect account; when you upload your pump data to the t:connect application; and when you connect to your t:connect application wirelessly with the t:connect mobile, or other compatible third-party, applications. From time to time we also use some of the pump data that is uploaded to the t:connect applications to perform safety and efficacy studies, to investigate any problems with pump use or activity, to identify pump use trends, for research and development purposes, and to troubleshoot pump issues.
    We also provide the Tandem Device Updater, which is used when you update your pump software. This online application collects your pump serial number, your current software version, and the software version to which your upgrading.

  3. t:connect applications for healthcare providers
    If you are a healthcare provider and sign up for t:connect HCP account, Tandem will collect your personal information through its online t:connect HCP diabetes management application. We collect this data from you so that we can create your account, which you can use to upload and view your patients’ pump data. The personal data we collect from you includes your name, business address, and your HCP Account ID Number (provided by Tandem).

  4. Online contact
    Tandem may collect your personal data through its website or through landing pages when you submit a “Contact Us” or similarly named form. This data is collected so that Tandem can respond to your request and provide you with information about our products and services. The personal data collected via our Contact forms includes your name; your contact information; whether you are a person with diabetes, a caregiver, a healthcare professional, or an investor; and any personal information voluntarily provided in the Comments box of the form.

  5. Online identifiers and metadata
    When you visit our website or webpages or use our online and mobile applications, we also collect and use your online identifiers and metadata to diagnose problems with our servers or software, to administer our site, perform analytics, and to gather demographic information. Online identifiers include your IP address, cookies, and web browser version. Metadata includes, for example, which of our web pages you visited, which of our online advertisements you clicked on, how long you stayed on our site or application, which search terms you used to find us on the internet, and if you were redirected to our site from another.

  6. Online job application
    You may apply for a job through the Careers section of Tandem’s website. If so, you will be asked to provide some of your personal data to complete the application process. The personal data collected includes your name, contact information, job preferences and work authorization status, and the information you provide in your resume or CV.
    We collect this data to determine if you are a match for the job opportunity to which you’re applying. Some of the data, such as work authorization status, is collected because the law requires us to do so.

  7. Customer support
    You may contact us, via phone, email, facsimile, text message, online application, mobile application, or post if you have a question about one of our products, services, or applications; if you’re interested in purchasing one of our products; or if you’re experiencing a technical or functional problem with a product or application that you are already using. If you are calling us to begin the process of purchasing a pump, or to check your insurance coverage, the data we collect is the same as that described in subsection (a), above.
    If you are a current user of one of our products or applications and are contacting us at our customer support telephone number, we will collect your personal data related to your support concerns. This includes the reason for your call (such as a problem with the functionality of your pump), notes on steps taken to help you resolve your problem, and the outcome of your call (such as if the problem was fixed, if a replacement pump is needed, and related items).
    If you return your pump to Tandem, Tandem may review the event data is that is stored and logged on the pump. Event data is information about your interaction with the pump that includes, but is not limited to, time and reason for a pump alarm; your response to an alarm, time and date of bolus; battery levels; and times of screen activation. This information may be used by technical support personnel for troubleshooting purposes or to help us improve our products and services.
    We may also collect your credit card information, including credit card number, card expiration data, and CVC code, if you purchase a product or accessory directly from us, or if you are interested in enrolling in a payment plan. We never store your full credit card number, and use a secure third party vendor to handle your credit card processing.
    Finally, we may also collect your personal data by phone, email, facsimile, online application, or post that is provided by your healthcare provider(s) or representative. This information includes your prescriptions and statements of medical necessity, laboratory and chart notes, and blood glucose logs. We routinely use this information when working with your insurance provider to help you get coverage.
    If you contact us by phone, note that your call may be used for training purposes and it will be recorded. Tandem also records telephone call we make to you, unless you tell us not to. These calls are recorded for quality management, improvement, and control.

  8. Product training
    You may receive training from Tandem, or one of our contractors, on how to use our pump systems (including the pump, continuous glucose monitoring products, insulin cartridges, and infusion sets) and other related accessories and applications. Training may be offered in-person, through online communication systems (such as Skype or Tandem’s online customer portal) or through other channels. The personal information we collect from your during training events may include your name, date of birth, pump serial number, name of your healthcare provider, information about your current health and health history, date of your training, and information about your t:connect account.

    If you are one of Tandem's contractors that provides product training, we may collect your name, address,
    phone number, email address, and bank account information for the sole purpose of paying you for your services.

  9. Surveys and questionnaires
    From time to time, we may send you an electronic survey or questionnaire about topics such as your current health and health history, your personal preferences, or your personal experiences using our products or services, including our pump systems and related accessories and applications. Your completion of these are entirely voluntary. We use the information you provide to help us improve our products and services, and your satisfaction with them.

  10. Conferences, tradeshows, and industry events
    We may collect your personal data at conferences, tradeshows, or other events. We will only collect the personal information that you voluntarily provide to us, and do so because you are interested in learning more about our business, products, and/or services. The types of data we collect may include your name, contact information, and preferences.