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COVID-19 Advisory Notification

Note: This post was updated 12/06/2021 to reflect new advisory communication.

As the global impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19) continues to unfold, Tandem Diabetes Care has taken steps to protect the health, safety and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities.

Our business is continuing to fully operate. At our headquarters in San Diego most of our teams are working remotely. Our manufacturing and warehouse facilities continue to operate as normal, as healthcare operations are deemed critical by the State, so that we can provide products and supplies to Tandem customers around the world.

We take the current COVID-19 health crisis very seriously and are constantly monitoring the situation. If you are calling to speak with a member of our team in Product Technical Support, Sales Support, or Supplies Reordering, you may experience longer hold times or processing as a result of the actions we’ve taken in response to this uniquely challenging situation. We apologize if you do experience longer wait times and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Here’s a quick Q&A on how we’re working to protect our customers, our supply chain, and our employees:

Q: Will supply orders be affected?

A: We continue to experience very strong demand for our products and are working tirelessly to ensure we can fulfill every single order in a timely manner. We do not expect delays in fulfilling supply orders at this time, however we have seen transportation times extended so we encourage everyone to plan accordingly.

Q: I thought you said you weren’t anticipating any COVID related supplies interruptions?

A: Our not being able to fulfill some requested supplies is due to a combination of reasons, including higher than anticipated demand. We take any disruption in supplies very seriously and are working hard with our suppliers to resolve this as soon as possible.

Q: What are you doing to ensure I can get my supplies?

A: Since the initial outbreak, our supply chain team has been in close communication with suppliers, particularly in regions more heavily impacted by COVID-19. As the global situation evolves, we’ll continue working hard with our suppliers to safeguard the reliable supply of our infusion sets and other items.

Q: Will there be a shortage of t:slim X2™ insulin pumps?

A: No, we do not anticipate a shortage of pumps at this time. Our pumps contain several electronic components that we continue to monitor closely to secure the quantities needed for the future. Our very strong growth has also created the need to increase capacity internally and at our supplier partners. Rest assured our operations team is working every angle to maintain inventory levels to ensure all orders can be fulfilled.

Q: What’s the status on international supplies?

A: Our global distribution network continues to be operational supporting all orders as required although transportation times have extended in this space as well.

Q: If I’m undergoing quarantine away from home, will I still be able to get my supplies? 

A: If you or someone you know is involved in a travel ban or quarantine related to COVID-19, please contact us. We are committed to doing everything we can to coordinate the delivery of supplies to prevent an interruption in pump therapy.

Q: What are you doing to protect the health of your employees? 

A: On a voluntary basis and until further notice, eligible employees are encouraged to work remotely. We have requested that employees avoid domestic and international air business travel, and under no circumstances is business travel permitted to countries listed as Level 3 on the CDC advisory. We may also restrict employees from returning to a work location for a minimum of 14 days if they have traveled to an area with widespread community outbreak. Guests will not be allowed at Tandem buildings unless they are essential to the operation of the company.


Cleaning Your Pump 

One of the CDC's recommended practices to help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses, is cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects daily. Insulin pumps are kept close to the body and touched often out of necessity. We suggest cleaning your pump along with your other frequently handled objects. When cleaning your pump, use a damp lint-free cloth. Do not use household or industrial cleaners, solvents, bleach, scouring pads, chemicals, or sharp instruments. Never submerge the pump in water or use any other liquid to clean it. Do not place the pump in the dishwasher or use hot water to clean it. If needed, use only a very mild detergent, such as a bit of liquid soap with warm water. When drying your pump, use a soft towel.

Wipe the outside of your Dexcom transmitter with a damp lint-free cloth or isopropyl alcohol wipe between uses.

Upload Pump Data to the t:connect® Web Application to Enable A Healthcare Provider to Access Remotely

The current situation with COVID-19 is demonstrating the increased need for remote options to help manage our health. As a reminder, if you share access to your t:connect® web application reports with your healthcare provider, they can review your pump data remotely using the t:connect portal for healthcare providers. The t:connect web application is cloud-based, and the data can be accessed from anywhere.

To download and install the t:connect Uploader Software to your personal computer visit: https://tconnect.tandemdiabetes.com/GettingStarted/

At Tandem, we’re working diligently to serve our customers during this unfolding situation.

All the best,

Tandem Diabetes Care

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