Patient Perspectives on Satisfaction and Trust Related to Insulin Delivery Devices

Molly McElwee-Malloy, Harsimran Singh, Haidee Sanchez, Michelle Manning, Steph Habif


To assess satisfaction and trust related to different insulin delivery devices (IDD) in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) before and after starting Basal-IQ® technology on the t:slim X2™ insulin pump.


Participants completed an online baseline survey including questions about their IDD (prior to Basal-IQ technology). This survey was repeated after 6 months (Post-Assessment) to assess participants’ experience with Basal-IQ technology. Participants elaborated on their experiences with their IDD in open-ended items on satisfaction and trust with their devices.


Overall, there was a significant increase in both satisfaction and trust related to insulin delivery device after 6 months of Basal‑IQ technology use (p<0.001). Although a significant increase in IDD satisfaction was seen across participants (irrespective of Previous IDD type) at Post- Assessment, those on multiple daily injections (MDI) reported the largest increase in satisfaction (4.8 to 9.2, 91% increase), followed by previous Medtronic users (6.3 to 8.6, 36% increase). Previous MDI, OmniPod, and Medtronic users all showed a significant increase in IDD trust at Post-Assessment.


This study demonstrated notable improvements in IDD-related satisfaction and trust after 6 months of Basal-IQ technology use.