Significant Improvements in Time Above Range Using Control-IQ Technology: Real-World Insights

Harsimran Singh PhD,* Molly McElwee Malloy RN, CDCES,* Lars Mueller PhD, Leslee Willes MS, Steph Habif EdD, MS*


To evaluate the effect of Control-IQ technology on time in range (TIR) and time above range (TAR) in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who were not meeting the TAR targets (i.e. <25% of sensor glucose time >180 mg/dL and <5% of sensor glucose time >250 mg/dL).


Sample included participants who were not meeting their TAR targets at Timepoint 1 (30 days pre-Control-IQ technology) and changes in their TIR and TAR outcomes at two subsequent timepoints along with patient-reported outcomes.


With continued use of Control-IQ technology, participants demonstrated significant glycemic improvements alongside increase in device satisfaction and reduction in diabetes impact.


Use of Control-IQ technology demonstrated clinically valuable improvements in hyperglycemia and TIR outcomes in T1D participants who did not previously meet guideline TAR targets.