• contact™ Detach Infusion Set

    The contact™ Detach infusion set features a very fine, 29-gauge, 90º stainless steel needle for those who prefer the reliability of steel sets but don't want to compromise on comfort. With its additional adhesive pad, contact Detach provides extra security against needle dislodging. Its simplicity and security make contact Detach a good choice for active young children, women during pregnancy, and adults for whom soft cannula sets don't work. contact Detach is available in 6mm and 8mm needle lengths, and 23" and 32" tubing lengths.

    Infusion Set Safety Notice
  • contact detach Infusion Set / 90º Stainless Steel / Manual Insertion

    6mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer   /   REF 004182   /   10ea.

    6mm cannula, 32" tubing, Luer   /   REF 004183   /   10ea.

    8mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer   /   REF 004187   /   10ea.

    8mm cannula, 32" tubing, Luer   /   REF 004188   /   10ea.

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  • contact™ Detach is a trademark of Unomedical A/S